About Us

Who we are.

At Kath Store, we strive to make our customer’s life easy through the use of technology. We believe in honesty, service quality, and friendliness. We do that by combining customers’ daily needs with our technical expertise and trained human resource. No matter where are you visiting Kath Store from, you are equally valuable and respectable. We have more than 5000+ items listed online and selling across the United States, Canada, and most parts of Europe with free shipping and free returns in most cases.

Our Practices

We focus on operational ease and particularly adopt time-saving techniques so that you feel and enjoy the highest level of comfort while searching or browsing the listed items. We exist to give you confidence and trust in online shopping, especially when shopping at Kath Store.

Defining Us

We are committed to serving our customers, suppliers, employees, partners, and communities in which we operate. And we know that everybody expects us to do business with moral ethics and decency. We do it by doing good in every aspect every day. We only work with renowned and trustworthy vendors that we believe have real value, that they represent a large customer base, and are reliable for our customers.

Why do people like to shop online at KATHSTORE.com?

Kath Store is a simple website where thousands of products are listed in carefully organized simple categories. You can quickly find your desired item which in most cases is difficult with big online stores because large-scale online stores have millions of items in inventory with too many variations that confuse customers more. This is one of the prime reasons why most one-off shopping customers at KathStore.com are now regular customers. Most visitors bookmark www.kathstore.com for frequent shopping.


We have organized our inventory in different high-in-demand departments such as Art & Collectibles, Fashion, Beauty & Makeup, Healthcare & Fitness, Automotive/Motors, Electronics, Home & Garden, Kitchen, Baby & Mother, Toys & Games, Travel, Pet Supplies, Sports and Books

Human Rights

We fully understand and agree that the right business practices are crucial for our growth, our products, our customers our employees, suppliers, and partners. We respect human rights. We always cut off the practices where there is the slightest doubt of human rights violation or negligence. We always keep seeking new ways to improve human rights practices and betterment.


Kath Store has a self-imposed commitment to share part of its profit with less privileged people for food, education, clothing, employment, shelter, and other basic necessities of life. By purchasing at our website you are also indirectly contributing to this great noble cause.

Many thanks!