10.2″ Android Radio GPS/Navi touchscreen wifi USA SHIP 2011-2014 Jeep Wrangler

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Product Highlight

Radio, GPS, EQ, Bluetooth, wifi, internet browser,  Weather, USB ports, Hidef Video, Camera back and front in a position

This aftermarket head unit with the up to date Android system can Reinforce 4G network, allowing you to get access to internet at the highest speed you’ve ever had. The full touch screen also makes it stand out available in the market with a large touch screen to greatly simplify the operation. As the most recent representative for car head units, it features Quite a lot of capabilities to meet your different needs in your car. To select a perfect road companion for fun and convenience, it’s just this amazing head unit!

Features Overview

4G/3G&WIFI/App download/3D GPS Navigation/FM&AM Radio/Bluetooth/Dual Zone/File Management/HD 1080P/Steering Wheel Keep an eye on/ Digital TV/Mirror Link/OBD2/DVR/Backup Camera/TPMS/MP3/AUX/USB and so on.

Advanced Configurations

OS:Android system,fast and smooth operation

CPU: R16, A9 Quad Core, Main Frequency 1.6Ghz ,more efficient computing capability

RAM: 1G DDR3 RAM memory

Hard Disk: Built in 16GB iNAND MLC, featured MLC particles, high-speed, stability, bring you long-term service life

GPU: Integrated GPU with hardware Reinforce 2D/3D speeding, supports OpenGLES2.0 and OpenVG1.1, 1080P hardware decode, run more smoothly for the GPS Maps

UI: Fresh unique user interface with dynamic graphics

Display: Core board digital RGB888 direct drive, Reinforce multi-resolution,UXGA@60HZ1600*1200 max, higher definition and clearer display

Screen: Full Touch screen Keep an eye on with dynamic graphic user interface, Reinforce larger screens above 10 inch car DVD, clearer than resolution 1024*600 with the same interface

2 USB Ports: It comes with 2 USB Ports to meet your different needs of external devices, more choices for service and entertainment

Unique Features

Android System: Loaded with the most advanced Android system, it offers the fastest and smoothest operation you’ve ever enjoyed.

Prompt Response: Adopted R16, A9 Quad Core CPU and high-speed iNAND MLC hard disk, this unit can start up within just 1 sec. And it only takes less than 2 seconds for sound, 3 seconds for rearview and 16 seconds for operation.

High-speed 4G/3G/ WIFI Network: It comes with built-in WIFI network and can Reinforce the most up-to-date 4G/3G module, allowing you to easily get access to internet for online music listening, online videos watching, online games watching, e-mail checking, and so on so long as you reach a WIFI hotspot or connect it to a 4G/3G module.

Android Apps downloading: It can Reinforce thousands of apps downloading from Android market to meet your different needs, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, M&N, Gmail, Skype, Google maps and so on.

HD Touch-Screen Display: It greatly simplifies the operation with a digital multi-touch screen which can Reinforce multi-resolution,UXGA@60HZ1600*1200 max, making it clearer than resolution 1024*600 with the same interface.

I-go preloaded 3D GPS Navigation: With 3D maps(maps in iNAND ), one of the best ways to your desired destination is just in your reach within seconds. All of the navigation information is to be had, such as the current location, speed, mileage, landmark building display,3D street view, destination search and turn-by-turn voice directions, and so on. You’ll be able to also download the up to date Google maps app.

Bluetooth for All Brands Cell Phones: It synchronizes your smart phone irrespective of any brand with Bluetooth connection. The great convenience like Phonebook input, music playback and name search by A-Z are all supported. Hands-free calls and phonebook search on the large screen can greatly ensure your safety on the way. And Bluetooth music streaming just makes you are feeling relaxed All of the way without any fatigue. The up to date iPhone and Android phones can all be supported.

Amazing Video Formats Compatibility: Quite a lot of video formats will also be supported, including wmv (VC1 codec), .avi (H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, Xvid, WMV), .mp4 (H.263, H.264, MPEG4 codec), .mpg (MPEG-2 codec), .m4v (H.264, MPEG4).

Games Reinforce: The HD 2D & 3D games are both compatible with this unit. A huge ton of excitement is just waiting for your families and friends in your car.

Video Out Function : It supports Video Out Function without AD switch, what’s more, the pictures of CPU can output as backstage video.

Convenient One-key Functions: It supports one-key rescue, one-key navigation. The great convenience is just within your fingertip.

Mirror link: It synchronizes your mobile phone with this unit through WiFi or USB. This technology allows you to gain access to your smart phone’s applications on the unit to play music and videos and so on.


HD Digital TV: DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T HD TV Tuner will also be provided for receiving digital TV channels.

Car DVR: The DVR function is used for recording the whole process of traffic accidents, taking photos for front of vehicles and storing the video in real-time at the same time as driving.

4G/3G module: With a 4G/3G module, You’ll be able to easily get access to the internet in your car. The availability of the up to date 4G network makes you enjoy the fastest connection to the internet you’ve ever had

Backup Camera: It adds a backup camera for automatically switching to the parking image at the same time as reversing. This option includes a waterproof and night vision backup camera with the intention to be mounted to the position of your car’s license plate lights and the cables for its connection. The default rearview camera is wired. If you want the wireless one, please send a note us after placing order.

OBDII: With this OBDII Scanner, You’ll be able to connect it to your car’s DLC port and open the unit’s Bluetooth for monitoring the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, intake pressure, throttle position, air go with the flow, computer load, car speed and so on in the OBD interface.

TPMS: Perfectly connected with this head unit with simple installation, the TPMS reports real-time tire-pressure information via a pictogram display or a simple low-pressure warning light that will help you save fuel consumption, extend the tire life, decrease downtime and maintenance and increase environmental efficiency. The early recognition of the malfunction of tires provided by TPMS can steer clear of traffic accidents to support safety in the whole process of driving.

DAB: Short for digital audio broadcasting, DAB as an advanced digital radio technology for broadcasting radio stations integrates a lot of features to reduce interference problems and signal noise. With high-quality sound, it offers more radio programs over a specific spectrum than analogue FM radio. But even so, DAB can not only automatically tune to All of the to be had stations, offering a list for you to make a choice from, but also provide real-time information such as song titles, music type and news or traffic updates. It’s your best choice for radio lovers and music enthusiasts.


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