11909 Podium Pulpit Wood Base w/ Clear plexiglass Acrylic, 3 tier construction

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* A very unique Podium! All wood pine base with light oak stain – three tier detailed styling with a slanted top for functionality. Not only a beautiful addition to any serve as, but functional too! * Reading panel is 18.3″ deep. At its widest point it’s: 30.6″ On the very front, where the book stop is, the width is: 17.11″; Dimensions: 48″W x 46″H x 22″D; Height faces to target audience is 46″, height faces to speaker is 41″. Subject material: Wood & Acrylic; Measured Thickness: 10mm. This item is listed as assembled. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! * In your convenience here’s a link to assembly video: https://youtu.be/3iKMxN3ri4A. You’ll be able to also search “11909 Large Church Conference Podium Pulpit Lectern INSTRUCTIONS ” on youtube to locate the video.You’ll be able to also download video by following this link: fixturedisplays. Com/video/11909.AVI * Non-continental customers, please contact us for additional freight in your area.