#19c miniature painting silve jewelry box Talisman Amulet Akbar Red Fort India

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#19c miniature painting silve jewelry box Talisman Amulet Akbar Red Fort India

#beautiful miniature painting on a jewelry box sterling silver with guilt painting on a cover this is done by professional master of a painting under magnifying glass you’ll be able to see all eyebrows and each and every details on each and every part the artist have over ten thousands of painting with some of them it’s to be had to you in my listing the artist name is Joseph joakim passed on to the great beyond in New York on 1980 and he used to paint on antique and collectible item like a spoon jewelry box Jemstone or Stone or other valuable itemsand all his job are high quality

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1001 New listings of antiques and collectible very old and rear variety of excellent quality some Museum pieces

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I provide numerous images (all of which may also be enlarged). I offer a wide and varied selection of Antiques and art all of which are second hand / antique.

ALL OF our antique and collectible art being a treasure 4 Are family Thank you.


This is strictly business ,,,Please take into accout eBay charge over 10% of all shipping cost you pay + listing fee + over 10% of each and every item sold go to eBay

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