20-Gallon Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Reptile Tank Habitat Complete Starter Kit

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a space for your pet with this 20-Gallon Turtle Tank Kit. It comes with
everything you need to comfort your pet. It includes two dome lamps
located in the screen above the tank that produces warmth and a platform
for prime basking. The 20-gallon glass aquarium also includes a
decorative and functional waterfall filter that adds visual interest
while providing three-stage filtration. A floating food stick and
AquaSafe samples help keep the tank clean. A terrific focal point in a
living room, bedroom, dorm room or a classroom, this 20-Gallon Turtle
Tank Kit is also suitable for frogs and newts.

TetraFauna 20-Gallon Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Tank Starter Kit:

  • Let your reptile bask in the light as your terrarium becomes the focal point of any room
  • This 20-gallon tank measures 30″ x 12″ x 12″
  • Includes ReptoMin Baby floating food stick and AquaSafe samples
  • 2 dome lamps are located in the screen above the tank for warmth and prime basking
  • The Decorative ReptoFilter instantly creates a beautiful waterfall and basking area, while providing 3-stage filtration
  • This
    kit includes all the essentials needed for success, such as a
    decorative filter, cartridges, basking platform, heating lamps, boxwood
    plant mat and screen top
  • Material: glass, metal
  • Turtle tank starter kit is also suitable for frogs or newts

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