200W 300W LED Parking Lot Lights Module Street Pole fixture Shoebox Area Lights

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200W 300W LED Parking Lot Lights Module Street Pole fixture Shoebox Area Lights 200W 1.50,000 hours lifespan, lifetime is longer than traditional incandescent light. IP65 waterproof rate for out of doors wet locations which may also be widely used. 2.LED Parking Lot Light uses SMD 3030 LED modules that put out to 120 Lumens per watt. 200W LED puts out 24,000 Lumens and can replace a 600 watt HPS light. 5500K light color ensures a bright light. 3.You have use this fixture on poles as high as 40 feet, it produces significant light. These shoebox light can cover a large area. 4.This bulb operates on 100-277V service, please be sure that the voltage you use is within this coverage. This modern LED parking lot light comes with a photocell sensor which detects light and powers the LED on/off automatically. Just put the photocell on the top, it turns itself off and on by the light of day or on before night. We also have Shorting Cap included, you’ll manual keep an eye on the light with shorting cap. 5.This LED area light is a perfect replacement for metal halides in applications such as automobile dealerships, parking lots, walkways, roadways, campuses, façade lighting, grocery stores, and other public areas. 300W【Super Bright】Our 300W LED parking lot light with 3030 SMD chips, super bright 36000lm with high lumens effective 120lm/watt, 5500 Kelvin daylight color, and 1000W HID/HPS replacement can reduce your electronic bill by up to 50%~70%. 【with Photocell Sensor】The street LED shoebox light comes with a dusk to dawn photocell sensor which detects ambient light and powers the LED light on/off automatically(Not Solar Lamp) 【Wide Application】 The street area light can be utilized in parking lots, driveway, backyard, residential area, out of doors area, public entrances lot, roadways, pedestrian walkways, Parking garages, Gas station, Highway, Park, Sport, Square and other out of doors applications. 【IP65 Waterproof】This slip fit shoebox fixture is IP65 Waterproofed, it can maintain all weather conditions: resist rain and moisture in out of doors condition. 【Certified And Warranty】 The out of doors security light is ETL Listed and we provide 5 Years warranty. If your shoebox light has any questions when you received or used, please contact our customer service team in the beginning. We will be able to response within 24hrs. Product Details: 100-277 V IP65 Rated 180-Degree Beam Angle 50,000+ Hrs Lifespan 50/60Hz Operating Frequency >0.9 Power Factor Application: Street and Area Lighting Parking lot lights Photocell Technology: The Shoebox fixture has an integrated Photocell Sensor which detects ambient light and powers the fixture On/Off automatically, bearing in mind more efficient lighting! Constructed of a weatherproof die cast aluminum housing. This LED fixture is perfect for parking lots, roadways, car dealerships, campuses, parks, and as a replacement for street lights and vapor lamps.