3 Carat Round Cut D Vs2 Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14k White Gold

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MAIN Stone

Certified by International Diamond Trading Corporation

Note: This isn’t a Natural GIA certified Diamond, it is a Lab Created Diamond which tests as diamond on the thermal diamond hardness tester and UV tester as diamond.

Lab Created Cultured Diamond “CHEMICALLY SIMILAR Diamond Like Carbon Bonds which creates a Cultured Diamond with Chemically similar composition as a natural diamond the use of CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Technology” . It has approx. Similar Density, Refractive Index, Hardness to that of a earth Mined Diamond. Alternatively its not a mined diamond, its an Enhanced Cultured Stone which passes the Hardness Test and UV Tests as positive as a diamond. Because of the Diamond Like Carbon deposited over the stone, it passes the CVD tester as an earth mined diamond as well. Alternatively its not a mined diamond, its an Enhanced Cultured Stone and comes in a fraction of the cost of an Earth mined diamond.

P.S. Because of very little electrical conductivity in all CVD, HPHT, Cultured Diamonds, they give mixed or false positive leads to the moissanite testers.

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Weight .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 kg
Dimensions .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 × .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 × .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 cm



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main stone


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