#32 COMBO Meat Grinder plates knife & Sausage stuffer tube Hobart 4332 4046 4532

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#32 COMBO Meat Grinder plates knife & Sausage stuffer tube Hobart 4332 4046 4532

Nine piece Combo set

(4) #32 size grinding plates (3) #32 size stainless steel sausage stuffing tubes and (2) #32 sharp stainless steel blades for manual or electric meat grinders and food choppers for one price.   Save $57.00

#32 size Stainless Steel Meat Grinder plates in three popular sizes PLUS the sausage stuffing disc PLUS 3 stuffing tubes.  GO STAINLESS if you do a large number of meat grinding and sausage stuffing.  Wash and store.  No lubricating.  Butcher-Baker offers a life-time NO RUST guarantee in this purchase.

Save $57.00 by buying the NINE piece set of new parts on your #32 meat grinder
This is all the 9 piece replacement set for a #32 Meat Grinder head
Fits Hobart, Biro, Univex, LEM, Cabelas, Universal, Tor-Rey, Omcan, Gander Mountain, Turbo Force and Many, Many others. This may increasingly fit your grinder head if your grinding plates are 3 15/16″ across.  Fits Hobart 4332, 4532, 4732, 4046, 4146 and others.

2 New style curved blade stainless steel Knifes

Knifes are 3 9/16″ tip-to-tip

4 Stainless Steel Grinder plates

(1/8 fine, 3/16 hamburger, 1/2 chili grind and 2-hole stuffing plate)

3mm, 4.5mm and 12mm plate holes.

All Plates are 3 15/16″ across. 3/8″ thick. 1/2″ center hole.

3 Long Stainless Steel sausage stuffing tubes

(1/2″, 3/4″ and 1 1/4″ exit diameters)

Every size tube that you want for Hog casings, snack sticks, smoked links, meat freezer bags and more.

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