6 of the 7 oz TRAPP Candles YOU pick the scents CLOSEOUT PRICING QTY LIMITED!!

6 of the 7 oz TRAPP Candles YOU pick the scents CLOSEOUT PRICING QTY LIMITED!!

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Trapp’s flagship product, the Signature Perfumed Candle, in point of fact has a bottle of perfume blended into every candle. Enjoy 50 hours of fragrance. Beautifully packaged in a gift worthy box. Guaranteed to fill a room with fragrance within minutes.

Please e-mail me with ANY 6 candles you desire to from the next list of the volume I’ve left of every scent all over or after your purchase. 

I am moving on to another career so the availability shall be limited to what I’ve to be had. 

#7 Patchouli Sandalwood- Seductive – Earthly, dry and warm, with a hint of deep woods. Asiatic patchouli and cedar notes create an charisma of calm – firmly grounded, at home on the earth.  5 AVAILABLE 

#12 Guava Mango- This blend of guava and mango releases an exotic fruity fragrance that creates a hint of Caribbean atmosphere. 10 AVAILABLE 

#21 Amber Bergamot- Encompassing – Flippantly spicy, with lavender, clove, cedar, and citrus notes. Breezy and warm, like the garden that inspires it. 1 AVAILABLE  

#28 Bamboo Sugar Cane- Calming – The easiest blend of green, sweet and refreshing. 6 AVAILABLE 

#33 Sweet Honeysuckle- Yellow and white honeysuckle blossoms with a hint of green leaf.  1 AVAILABLE

#37 Macintosh- The lusciousness of a freshly picked apple with a crisp, watery accord. 2 AVAILABLE

#45 Burmese Wood- Blend of exotic flowers and the depth of Burmese wood. 1 AVAILABLE

#60 Jasmine Gardenia- A lovely combination of the timelessness of jasmine and the heart notes of gardenia with a hint of honeysuckle top notes. 2 AVAILABLE

#61 Quince & Pomegranate- The fusion of the superfruit pomegranate with the sun-ripened freshness of quince.  7 AVAILABLE

#62 Yuza & Bonsai-
Exotic and Asian inspired. 9 AVAILABLE

#63 Pure Peony-
A up to date interpretation of the classic peony. 7 AVAILABLE

#64 White Lotus & Lychee- This exotic frangrance captures the delicate great thing about the white lotus flower enhanced with fresh lychee fruit and creamy jasmine rice. 7 AVAILABLE

#65 Mandarin Goji-This zesty and fruity blend of crisp goji berries and fresh mandarin uplifts and rejuvinates your senses. 11 AVAILABLE

#66 Fig & Mimosa-This is The easiest balance of bright and spicy. Ripe figs and delicate mimosa blooms are complemented by the richness of blond woods. 7 AVAILABLE

#67 Fine Linen-Freshly laundered linens radiate the lush scents of white rose petals, pashion fruit nectar and blooming vanilla orchids. 5 AVAILABLE

#68 Teak & Oud Wood-The complex natures of Teak and Oud woods create a up to date combination of dark woody and sophisticated sweet notes. Madagascar vanilla and Tonka Bean balance out this fragrance to create a smooth and spicy aroma. 1 AVAILABLE

#69 Amber & Tonka Bean-The coveted, natural aroma of Tonka Beans is mingled with the alluring notes of raw amber. Wealthy and luxurious, this sultry fragrance is captivatingly unique and pure. 8 AVAILABLE

#70 Black Orchid Ylang Ylang-Full of mystery and intrigue, this fragrance captures the wonderful thing about the rare black orchid and enhances it with the exotic essence of the ylang ylang flower. 4 AVAILABLE

#71 Indigo Acai-This scent captures the Wealthy tropical berry notes blended with the white floral notes of Gardenia and Jasmine. Creamy Vanilla notes and White Musk add warmth to go with this bright and energetic fragrance.  5 AVAILABLE 

Fireside Pumpkin-AN INSTANT FAVORITE scent of New England pumpkin, smoky pumpkin spices and glowing embers.  1 AVAILABLE

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