Momotaro Bacteria House Filter Media

Momotaro Bacteria House Filter Media

This is the Authentic Bacteria House filter media from Japan.

Momotaro filter media is sold in 10 lb increments

  • Approximately 5 pcs of media per 10lbs
  • Media Dimensions 3″ diameter and 15″ long
  • Can be cut into smaller pieces to fit application
  • Imported from Japan
  • Replicates ecosystem of the Ashi River
  • Ceramic cylinders with porous surface
  • Provides ideal conditions for good bacteria to colonize
  • Simply place in pond where there is moving water
  • IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE: This filter media is very fragile. While every precaution is taken during shipping preparation to ensure a safe arrival, you can almost expect that these will have cracks in them. Of course, this will not impact the effectiveness of the filter media, only the aesthetics. No refunds or replacements will be offered for cracked media. 

Pond owners will notice improved water quality and increased fish vigor shortly after the implementation of the world famous Bacteria House filter media by Momotaro Koi Farm in Japan.

Bacteria House filter media is versatile!

Add to pond wherever water flows. Can be submerged or combined with other filter media. Also great for use in shower towers.

Recommended placement in ponds:

  €¢ Under waterfalls or in streams

  €¢ In filter or settling chamber

  €¢ Inside skimmer or waterfall box

  €¢ Around airstones 


Bacteria House ceramic filter media is heat treated at 1300° C for 60+ hours. This method of extreme heat conditioning causes the ceramic media to break its internal bonds; in doing so, creates an exceptionally porous structure with increased surface area for very large bacteria populations to colonize within the expanded spaces.  In addition, with the massive amount of voids or holes, mechanical filtration is also achieved. Large organic solids and decaying matter is degraded very quickly all without the blockage that generally occurs with other filter media products.

One of the key elements of the Bacteria House filter media is that it reacts in a seemingly electrostatic manner with any floating organic material in the water column causing an increase in adhesion rate, thus creating clean clear water quickly and effectively.

The Bacteria House filter media emits FAR infrared rays that allow higher levels of oxygen to dissolve in the pond water. FAR infrared rays such as these produced by the Bacteria House filter media and those discovered in natural springs have been shown to possess significant health benefits. Another benefit of the media is its ability to effectively de-gas koi pond water which lightens the load on the bio-mass and making the system less KH consuming than conventional filtration. Another significant benefit of the Momotaro Bacteria House filter media is its innate ability to bounce back following a power-outage or a medication treatment. Live nitrifying bacteria grow and reproduce very quickly on this amazing filter media.

Developed with Passion:

Bacteria House filter media is a ceramic product that was developed in Japan following over six years of research by Mr. Michio Maeda, president of the Momotaro Koi Farm.  Mr. Maeda yearned to create an ideal environment for which to raise his koi. The Bacteria House filter media product was developed to replicate the ideal eco-system of the Ashi River and the infamous healing qualities of the Bakuanseki Spring, both located in Japan and familiar to the creator, Mr Maeda.


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