Powered Paragliding wheel Launch Training. Midwest Training Center

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Come train with the biggest training center in the Midwest and top 3 in the U.S. We do all of our training on our private airfield on our 40 acre farm. We utilize towing to teach glider control on the ground before motor is running. We also use tandem ppg flying with every student before they solo. Most of our students graduate their training from Discover Powered Paragliding with 25-100 solo flights before they go home. We are a USPPA certified school, and each student has the option of earning their USPPA rating if they choose too at no additional cost. We train more wheel launch ppg students then almost any other instructor. We are also a full service training center which means we train full time 7 days a week, year round and also work on paramotors and teach our students how to work on and maintain their gear. We also carry over $10,000 in parts in stock to keep our students in the air flying with little to no down time if they need parts. Find us(Discover Powered Paragliding) on the web at flyppg dot com or on Facebook


Discover Powered Paragliding

7707 Ewbanks rd

Fowler Illinois 62338

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