Acrylic Aquarium Dividers (suction cup)


Acrylic Aquarium Dividers (suction cup)

Acrylic Aquarium Dividers (suction cup)

Aquarium dividers designed for standard Aqueon tank sizes

laser cut ensures accurate dimensions

Easy, intuitive assembly

great for separating juveniles fish or aggressive tankmates

2 suction cup design offers simple yet reliable performance and installation.

5 gallon ( “7.4 x 9.2”), 10 gallon (“9.8 x 11”), 15 gallon (“11 x 11.5”), 20 gallon long (“11.5 x 11.5”), 40 gallon breeder (“17 x 14”), 55 gallon (“19 x 11.8”)

Made 100% in the USA

In stock ready to ship.

– We would love to customize to your individual needs at an affordable price. please contact for a quote

– High quantity orders available at a great discounted price.

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