Activyl for Cats Over 9 lbs – 6 Month Supply

Activyl for Cats Over 9 lbs – 6 Month Supply

Activyl for Cats

Activyl is a highly effective spot-on flea regulate remedy featuring indoxacarb and a style of action that uses enzymes within the flea to turn on serious flea-killing  power. Both pets and folks need a flea remedy that's in point of fact effective at killing fleas and preventing infestation, but The way it works matters, especially in regards to the affect in your pet and residential.

Activyl ensures that your furry circle of relatives member gets the most productive care conceivable. It's also quick-drying, fragrance-free, water-resistant and continues to be effective even after bathing.

 Activyl breaks the flea life cycle

Unlike a few flea treatments, Activyl doesn't just kill adult fleas, it also stops flea eggs and larvae from developing. Breaking the flea life cycle is vital, so your pet isn’t re-infested by new fleas developing from flea eggs and larvae in your house environment.

Activyl for Cats is the flea remedy only for cats. Both products kill adult fleas and likewise break the flea life cycle, so you're a lot more more likely to solve your pet's problem for excellent.
The way it works

Step 1: Application

Activyl spreads through your pet's skin and coat.

Step 2: Contact and Ingestion

When a flea lands, it takes up Activyl (no bite required).

Step 3: Activation

Enzymes within the flea change Activyl into its fully active form.

Step 4: Flea-Free

The flea is soon unable to feed, becomes paralyzed and dies.

 NOTE: At first of Phase 4, fleas turn out to be disoriented and move within the coat of your pet, which makes them more visible to you. These fleas stop feeding, followed closely by paralysis and death.

 By: Merck

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