AIO Box All-in-One AIO Aquarium Filtration Kit – 40 Gallon Breeder – Fiji Cube

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Build your All-in-One aquarium with Fiji Cube In-Sump with out the desire of silicon sealing. You not want to concern in regards to the mess that silicon seal process creates. Simply drop this In-Sump All-in-One kit into a typical aquarium readily to be had out there (10 gallon, 20 gallon long, or 40 gallon breeder) and your all-in-one saltwater reef aquarium will have the capacity to roll. The speculation of this In-Sump kit is to attenuate the trouble, time and price to DIY an All-in-One aquarium. 
This In Sump AIO kit is a handy guide a rough and nice method to setup some other tank for both saltwater reef and freshwater aquarium. It’s appropriate for use as a handy guide a rough DIY answer for a display tank, hospital tank, frag expansion tank and lots of more.  This kit will work for Marineland, Aqueon, and many of the 40 Gallon Breeder Tank.
  • Outer Dimensions: 16.2″ long x five” wide x 15.30″ high
  • Media tray compartment: 3.five” x 4.2″
  • Protein skimmer/reactor/refugium compartment: 6″ x 4.2″

The tank includes:
  • 1x Fiji Cube In-Sump All-in-One Kit – 40 Gallon Breeder
  • 1x Media Basket
  • 1x Plumbing Kit (Loc-Line)
  • 1x Fiji Cube Submersible Quiet Water Pump
  • 1x Mechanical Filtration Foam
  • 1x bag of Ceramic Bio-Ring
  • 1x bag of Active Carbon
Dimensional Specs:


Pump (Included)

Skimmer/Equipment Compartment

Outer Dimension

AIO – 10 Gallon Standard

FS-302 (115Gallon/Hour)

3″ Long x 3.25″ Wide

 nine.2″ Long x 4″
Wide x 11.30″ High

AIO – 20 Gallon Long

FS-304 (210Gallon/Hour)

4″ Long x 3.25″ Wide

10.80″ Long x 4″ Wide x
11.30″ High

AIO – 40 Gallon Breeder

FS-306 (520Gallon/Hour)

6″ Long x 4.25″ Wide

16.20″ Long x five” Wide x
15.30″ High

*The glass tank aquarium isn’t included and is used for photo display simplest.

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