All Inclusive Powered Paraglider Training Package

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This is for a all inclusive Paramotor training package at one of the top training facilities in the United States. This includes our intensive and thorough 7 day training course where you will learn how to forward and reverse kite your glider, approx 10-15 tows on our winch system, 10-25 motor flights, ground schooling, airspace and law, weather, motor maintenance and simulator training. We also offer free camping at our state of the art training center. We still have a couple slots left each month. There’s no better time then now to start living your dreams. You will be training on the state of the art Adventure Pluma Carbon Fiber Paramotors and adventures line of certified gliders that make even the newbies look like a pro. The Adventure Pluma is one of the lightest and is the strongest Paramotor on the market with its Titanium infused carbon fiber frames paired up with the best motors on the market. All provided by Adventure largest importer Discover Powered Paragliding at Fly PPG dot com. Come see what sets us apart of our competitors.

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