Aqua-Link ADP C-55 Wet Dry Filter

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Aqua-Link ADP C-55 Wet Dry Filter

Provides complete, efficient biological conversion, (both aerobic & anaerobic medias) as well as mechanical filtration for Reef, Marine, Fresh and Brackish water aquariums. Modular design allows easy connection of peripheral components such as protein skimmer, Independent Refugium unit, chemical reactors, ATO, Dosing Reactors etc.

(NOTE; All Aqua-Link Wet/Dry filter systems provide a biological chamber(s) that is suitable to contain biological filter media that far exceeds the aquarium capacity of which it is rated for. Actual bio media capacity will vary depending on your preference of media. Maximum Filter ratings are calculated based upon the surface area of standard glass aquariums sizes vs. the filter sump holding capacity in the event of an electric power failure when properly adjusted.
Your purchase inquiry is for a New, unused Aqua-Link C-55 Wet/Dry filter system designed and rated to provide biological life support for standard size aquariums up to 55 gallons. 

Compact-55 is manufactured with high grade cell cast acrylic. Is a fully functional, space saving, low cost alternative to accommodate life support for smaller scale freshwater and marine aquaria where space in the aquarium cabinet below is restricted.  
Your purchase will include; 
– The core filter box unit. Dimensions 16”x 8”x 16”  
– PVC Bale or Polyamide (nylon) netting Bio Media (to cultivate Nitrification bacteria)
{*note* Bio Media may vary depending on availability at time of purchase} 
– Nylon filter trays. 
– Chamber Lid with ¾” 90 degree PVC bulk head drain fitting    
– Chamber Drip Tray.
– Sump lid that provides easy access to sump pump and added peripherals. 
– Pre-filter box with stand pipe with replaceable foam mechanical filter cylinder. 
– Skimmer box one hand adjustable with anti-tilt locking feature (Clear or Green). 
– siphon u-tube (1” o.d. acrylic) Self leveling, anti bleed feature 
– 36” Flexible drain hose (color may vary) 

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