Audiovox Car Link Pro Smartphone GPS Tracking & Control System for Cars ASCL5

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Audiovox Car Link Pro Smartphone GPS Tracking & Control System for Cars ASCL5

Brand New Audiovox Car Link Pro ASCL5

Smartphone Integration Module for your Vehicle.


Add this to your vehicle and regulate your door locks, your
remote start

(if remote starter installed in vehicle) check on vehicle status,
GPS tracking, Emergency Assist and response.

Unlock your car or start it from anywhere on the earth.

Allows to remote start,
lock/unlock vehicle from smartphone. View vehicle info, status, location from
any internet-connected device

Requires installation and activation with yearly
subscription plans.

Download a free app to use.

Safety. Remote Start. Savings.

CarLink brings you an array of connected services and products!


For you. Your family. And other traveling passengers.
Carlink brings you an array of connected services and products that make every drive a safer
and more confident experience. Essential roadside services and products mean you’re never
far from help, and a driver safety package helps protect those you love,
especially teens and seniors. No one ever expects to face trouble on the road,
but isn’t it great to know that you’re secure the entire same?

Specific Safety Features

Emergency Roadside Assistance — will come to you and assist
you 24/7 for many roadside events like flat tire, out of gas, or towing.

Auto Crash SOS — will send a message automatically to a 24/7
Emergency Response call center if the device detects a severe event.

Emergency Response — will permit you to call a 24/7 Emergency
Response call center from your Smart phone when in the vehicle.

Safe Driver- options include Text Blocking service app to
reduce texting and driving plus Safety Zones (Geo-fencing) for automatic
alerts. Driver Scoring reports are also available to help reinforce driving

Stolen Vehicle Assistance — will permit you to share the
vehicle location with the police to help them get well your vehicle


Deliver greater value from your car on a daily basis with smart

features that make your vehicle more convenient and pleasurable to own.

your car in an instant when you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked it, or help
authorities track

it down in the event it’s ever stolen. Plus, enjoy optional
remote start features

that are controlled via smart-phone. Connect with
convenience like never before with CarLink.

Specific Remote Start Features

Add the optional remote start system and remotely lock,
unlock and start your vehicle all from your Smartphone. Remotely access your
vehicle virtually anywhere with included 3G Nationwide Coverage.


CarLink not only helps you and your passengers stay secure, it
also will give you savings on general vehicle maintenance. Uncover the mystery of
the check-engine light before you see the mechanic, and receive reports on
hundreds of other vehicle functions. The system not only tracks mileage for
business expenses, but also recommends helpful ways for reducing fuel costs.


Specific Savings Features

Enter the Insurance Discount Program and apply for Insurance
Discounts with dozens of major insurance carriers by sending them a sample of
your Driver Score for review.

Use the Vehicle Maintenance Reports to address vehicle
issues including the check engine light to help reduce your maintenance costs.

Review the Fuel Reports to take into account how to reduce your
fuel costs.


Save. Save. Save.

CarLink Subscribers could SAVE Hundreds of Dollars Per Year

with our Car Insurance Discount Programs.

All CarLink Subscribers can sign up for our Car Insurance Discount

and apply for Car Insurance Discounts from dozens of Insurance

All from your online CarLInk account.


Insurance Discount Specifications

By joining our Car Insurance Discount Program, approx. 50
miles of your Car Connection Subscription driving data will be shared with the
Insurance Carrier you select. You’ll select one or as many as you want to.

The Insurance Carrier you select will review the Driving
Data and provides you with a quote for an annual policy.

Compare it to your current Car Insurance policy and if you
Save money then accept the new Car Insurance policy with our approved CarLink
Insurance Carrier and start to save.

You will have to be a CarLink Subscriber to enter the Insurance
Discount Program. If you aren’t, please change into a CarLink Subscriber first.

Fleet Service Program

Fleet Service is another Service option to believe if you
have a business with many vehicles to manage. Fleet Service can provide you
with better regulate over your Fleet plus reinforce your operating costs and
safety programs. Our Fleet Service option provides a unique set of services and products
tailored for this purpose being able to add 1, 2, or thousands of vehicle
devices to one account and see all the vehicles and their status. The Fleet
Service uses the same OBD hardware device as CarLink and the hardware device
may also be purchased at many retail locations.

Your Fleet vehicles will have to have an OBD Device port located
under the steering wheel to be compatible with the hardware device and the
Fleet service. Fleet Service subscription offers a different set of features
than the CarLink Service Subscription.

Fleet Service

Specific Fleet Features

Location Tracking-
shows the location of the vehicle 24/7

Bread Crumb Mapping-
shows the vehicle’s past driving route on map

Zones(Geo-fencing)- receive alerts if a vehicle entered or exited a custom
geographical zone(s) you set up

Vehicle Search- find
a specific vehicle quickly to make routing decisions.

Vehicle status-
activity report on location travelling or parked status.

Driving hours Report-
monitor how long each driver has been on the road to stay complaint and reinforce

Driver scoring
Report- receive a report on each driver based on braking, acceleration, fuel
use and speed.

Fuel consumption-
receive fuel consumption reports by driver to develop cost saving programs.

Vehicle Health
Report- daily maintenance reports plus recall information to offer protection to your fleet
of vehicles.

Key Event Report-
schedule automatic reports to manage better commute summaries, vehicle health,
driver scoring.

IFTA Tax Report-
automatic fuel tax and type report to track all inter-state fuel and tax


  • Unlock/Lock and Start Vehicle by the usage of your Smartphone App

Unlimited Operating
Range (based upon cellular coverage)


  • Provides a Digital Connect to 19 different Insurance
    Carriers (Users opt-in to have Driving Data Reviewed)


  • Provides 24/7 access to make a 1-touch call to a dedicated
    Emergency Response call center in the event of an emergency


  • Provides users with a dedicated Emergency Call Center
    running 24/7 to assist you if you break-down, run out of gas,

get a flat tire…just about anything


  • Helps locate your vehicle and share its location with the
    authorities to assist in recovery



App blocks ability to
send/receive texts whilst vehicle is in motion


– Ability to set (up to 5) geo-fences sending alerts when a
vehicle enters or exits pre-decided zones


– Sends notifications if vehicle will have to exceed a
predetermined speed threshold



– Notifies you of real-time vehicle location when enabled


– Views path of vehicle go back and forth via App when enabled


  • Provides reports to help reinforce driving habits and assist
    in driver coaching

Note: App may also be downloaded on up to 10 smartphones.

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