Coffee table aquarium/terrarium habitat!!..

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40 gallon aquarium/habitat coffee table. That is right! It is a coffee table you’ll put fish, reptiles, and small animals in. This habitat supplies a comfy living area to your animals and places them in front of your tv, which is frequently a highly used space, so they’re going to feel more part of the circle of relatives. Additionally, this product is comprised of acrylic and is kid and pet friendly, since acrylic 7x harder than glass. Great piece to your front room and all the time a excellent conversation starter. The coffee table habitat comes with a multi-colored LED light, rocks/marbles/sand, heater/warmth lamp, suction vacuum, and filter out depending at the habitat kind. If in case you have a selected animal you need to make use of it for or need a custom build, please message is and we will make accommodations for you. Thanks to your interest!

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