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Complete Diabetes Diet Book : Step-by-step Plan How to Reduce Sugar and Kill Fat Diabetic and Pre-diabetic Diet Plan, Paperback by Methews, Nigel, ISBN 1977766633, ISBN-13 9781977766632, Brand New, Free shipping in the US

According to a recent 2016 survey, there is indication that million ( percent) people in the United States are affected by diabetes.

When you have different types of diabetes, your body has a problem with making or using insulin properly. As a final result, glucose builds up in your blood and cannot get into your cells. In this case, blood glucose will be too high; sometimes it can be dangerous to your body.

Due to lack of awareness, diabetic people are missing out on a safe way to gain health, energy, and eliminating toxins from the body to maintain long healthy life.

My book will help you to gain health, increase energy and vitality. 

Diabetes is reversible and curable without drugs.
Forever vanquish needles, prescriptions, insulin, and medication side effects. These medical interventions are NOT NEEDED to reverse diabetes and live a normal long life.

The drugs have many hidden risks and negative side effects.

If you have Prediabetes, Type 2, Type 1, or love someone with diabetes … This book is for you.
Why suffer the consequences of diabetes when you can avoid or reverse diabetes to reclaim your life, longevity, and freedom from expensive horrific drugs.

Prediabetes and diabetic diet plan will help you to low a blood sugar to normal.

I’ve selected the top food picks and easy diabetic recipes in my diabetic cookbook, that you should include in your diet plan regularly so you no longer have to wonder what to eat. My diabetes meal planner is meant to encourage you to broaden your eating choices.

These foods are very rich in nutrients and will help you maintain steady blood sugar levels throughout the day.

In this diabetic recipe book is includes a shopping list that conveniently organizes your shopping, would help you to fix-it and forget-it some products, then you would find them while shopping.

Live a normal long life


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