Counterfeit/Fake Gold And Silver Coin/Bar Detector Eagle Krugerrand Maple Leaf

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Counterfeit/Fake Gold And Silver Coin/Bar Detector Eagle Krugerrand Maple Leaf

Counterfeit gold coins and bars,
and to a lesser extent silver coins and bars, are flooding the US and around the world
market places. The problem is growing every day; many thousands of
counterfeit gold coins are already in the US marketplace and more are arriving
each day.

News stories about fake Royal
Canadian Mint one ounce 0.9999 fine gold ingots, still in the original plastic
sealed packets, purchased directly from an authorized Canadian bank branch (!)
have recently appeared, but as you’ll consider, most sufferers are embarrassed to
publically come forward and admit they have been duped.

I have seen very prime quality
gold-plated false core one ounce gold coins and bars offered ALL THE TIME for
sale on websites like eBay, Alibaba, and baidu. I have seen them at pawn shops,
“we buy gold” shops, flea markets and “prepper”/gun shows. In the last two
years I have seen MANY counterfeit/fake Canadian
Maple Leafs, American Eagles, Australian Nuggets and Koalas, and Mexican 50
Pesos and Onzas.

I analyzed samples of these fake
coins with the intention to develop the CCD-1 system. The CCD-1 was developed to offer protection to
precious metal “stackers”, collectors, dealers, investors and gold/silver
related business owners from fraud. These kinds of counterfeit gold coins have
been traced to very sophisticated stamping operations in China that are
producing THOUSANDS of fake coins per month. These operations use sophisticated
3D laser scans of genuine coins to make prime quality master stamping dies that
finished coins with weight and dimensions that are identical to
genuine coins that are very difficult to detect.
even counterfeit the anti-tamper packaging used on many retail bullion products
that are also very difficult to detect without close examination by an
experienced dealer.


CCD-1 Counterfeit Coin Detector Feature Summary


simple, accurate, fast measurement design provided at low cost without
sacrificing quality or performance!  Uses well established
scientific principles to identify the composition of metallic objects. Device
automatically goes through a self-test process when first powered on and is
ready to use in only a few seconds. The CCD-1 is pre-programmed with the
necessary scientific data to decide the metallic composition of a suspect
coin or bar. No software upgrades or any programming is ever needed!

·       Pays for itself the very first time it prevents you from
purchasing a couple of ounces of “fake” silver, or a single non-gold coin misrepresented
as gold. The CCD-1 costs over $1000 less than a single one ounce gold bullion
coin. Our simple system also costs about $800 less than much more expensive
electrical conductivity testers and is easier to use. Works on all common
metallic precious “money metals” and substitutes, including primarily gold,
silver, copper, brass, nickel, aluminum, platinum, palladium, tungsten but also
can easily be used on other metals. The CCD-1 does not display the karat or purity content of any metal.

·       The
device does not
display in “words”
what the tested
material is (like gold, copper or silver). It offers you a digital
scientific reading that you’ll compare to what it “will have to be” if the 
item is made
of the expected genuine material. If the measurements on the tested object do
not match the expected measurements for a genuine item, the item is suspect and
is likely counterfeit or fake (made out of a different material) or
misrepresented somehow. With a little practice and experience, the user can
also figure out what the actual metal is inside the object if this is the case desired.

·       24
page prime quality comb-bound color laser printed highly detailed user manual
that explains the theory and complete operation in detail.

·       Portable, lightweight (weighs less than 13 ounces and
fits in a pocket!) and very easy to operate. Measurement takes less than 15
seconds! Anyone can learn how to use the device in less than 10 minutes! Perfect
for precious metal investors, traders, “stackers” and collectors who don’t have
an excessive amount of experience with genuine gold and silver coins. Also useful for
coin dealers and pawn shops to get rid of doubts and suspicions about any
bullion coin or bar offered for sale or purchase.

·       Works
on all common real and “falsely represented” metallic coin materials including,
but not limited to, copper, silver, gold,
brass, steel, nickel, aluminum and tungsten. Works on most any shape object
including coins, bars, and ingots up to 225 mm (8.8 inches) thick depending on
the material under test. The included special digital thickness gauge is useful
for coins/bars up to 15 mm (0.60 inch) thick.

·       Test is repeatable, secure and completely non-destructive.
Test will not harm any common bullion coins when the instructions are followed.
Just wipe the item clean with a soft tissue after measurement. WARNING: Not
advisable for use on rare or valuable numismatic coins to avoid damaging the
coin which can severely have an effect on the value of the coin.

Handheld unit uses 3 common 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (included) for you to last for hundreds
of measurements. Auto power shutoff after 2 minutes when not in use.

One year repair or replace warranty.
Fresh batteries are installed in all devices and the
unit is tested and calibrated before shipping. The CCD-1 is ready to
use “right out of the box”!

Ships To US Destinations
Only. No Exceptions! Free Shipping By US Postal Service Priority Mail to All 50

NO RETURNS – The simple reason we do not offer returns on
this item: We have had such a lot of issues with “problem ebayers” who simply wish to
“rent” an item and return it after purchase. They use it, get full value out of
the item, then falsely claim that it “doesn’t work” or it was “not as
advertised” and then demand a refund. eBay policies force sellers to refund for
most any reason. This policy has forced us to reconsider even selling on eBay
any more. We spent many months and thousands of dollars to develop this
product and it performs exactly as described. It isn’t some sucker “quack”
machine. When low profit items are returned, we get “stuck” with damaged and
used equipment. We lose money on each item returned. This works against our
small business viability and desire to build products that are prime quality for
a low price. The CCD-1 comes with a one year warranty and we will be able to repair or
replace any in reality defective item until you are satisfied. Check our feedback. Our
integrity is second to none.


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