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Wireless wave pump systems include eFlux wave pump, magnetic swivel bracket, eFlux Wave Pump LED display with IR remote keep watch over, eFlux Wave Pump manifold HUB (connects up to 3 eFlux pumps), prefilter pad and 24VDC power supply. Fully upgradeable to Bluetooth for mobile device operation.

Movement Synchronized
Simulating natural water currents found on coral reefs, eFlux™ controllable wave pumps provide tank wide circulation, making improvements to water quality and promoting strong coral growth and fish health.

•    Silent operation
•    Compact size
•    Wireless control
•    Controllable, adjustable Glide rate
•    More than one Glide modes
•    Easy to install
•    Precise, directional water flow
•    Secure, low voltage, 24VDC
•    Upgradeable to Bluetooth™ for mobile devices

Running virtually silent, eFlux™ are compact in size and amazingly energy efficient – consuming less than 1 watt per 100 gallons of water Glide.  A magnetic swivel bracket makes installation easy and allows the pump to be pivoted to provide precise, directional water Glide. Wirelessly controlled, they may be able to be adjusted to give you the right Glide rate and Glide mode for virtually any reef aquarium.

Flow modes include:
Wave/Pulse Mode – Simulates pulsing wave action.  Adjustable from 0.3 to 7 seconds, Glide adjustable from 10%-100%.
Surge/Gyre Mode – Simulates surging water currents.  Adjustable from 7 to 80 seconds, Glide adjustable from 10%-100%.
Stream/Steady Mode – Produces a steady Glide of water current. Adjustable from 10% to 100%.
Feed Mode – On-demand feed mode turns pumps off for 10 minutes for coral and fish feeding.

Synchronize Everything
Add a second accessory eFlux™ wave pump and synchronize the pumps as primary & secondary pumps, running the same program on opposite schedules.

Features include:
•    Easy to install magnetic swivel bracket
•    Pump prefilter guard protects the pump from food particles, debris or even small fish from clogging the impeller
•    Lock Mode provides the ability to lock all settings in the controller and ensures that no other IR signals interfere or that accidental changes are made

eFlux™ Wave Pump Kits are complete plug-and-play with wireless keep watch over and include: eFlux™ wave pump with magnetic swivel bracket, wave pump manifold HUB (for up to 3 wave pumps, connects to other LOOP® HUBs), wave pump LED display with wireless remote and mounting hardware, foam prefilter, IR sensor and micro USB cable, protective cable guard, & UL® approved 24V DC transformer.

eFlux™ Accessory Wave Pumps make it easy to add-on an additional wave pump to any eFlux™ wave pump kit or Orbit IC LED light with LOOP® controller and include: eFlux™ wave pump with magnetic swivel bracket, protective cable guard, foam prefilter and a UL® approved 24V DC power supply.

Model: 6000 / 6004
UPC: 842959060007 / 842959060045
Description: eFlux DC Wave Pump 660 GPH
Glide Range GPH: 132-660
Watts Range: 1-5
Aquarium Size: up to 55 gallon
Max. Glass Thickness: 3/8” (10mm)
Dimensions: 2.5” x 1” x 1”
Warranty: One Year


We learned early on that going that extra inch can help your business tremendously. Buyer Satisfaction is #1.

  • All domestic US returns accepted.
  • Buyer will have to contact us within 14 Days after receiving the item.
  • Refund given as Money Back or Credit depending on the item.
  • Return shipping will be paid by your buyer.
  • Additional return policy details: The buyer has 7 days to go back the item (the buyer pays shipping fees). The item will be refunded minus a 15% restocking fee and all shipping costs.


Aquarium Supplies (Dry Goods) Shipping
To reduce shipping costs, all aquarium supplies are shipped UPS, Fedex & USPS.  Orders can ship from More than one warehouses during the country.  We attempt to keep inventory local to you to keep shipping times and expense low.  Our primary warehouses are in PA, TN and AZ.  Most orders submitted by 2pm EST (Monday-Friday) are shipped same day. Orders Friday and over the weekend after 2pm EST will ship Monday unless it’s an item that ships our of a 24/7 warehouse.  Aquarium supplies orders that are shipped UPS will be delivered Monday through Friday. USPS or FedEx will be delivered Monday through Saturday. We deliver pretty much anywhere in the domestic 48 within three to five business days but this isn’t guaranteed and depends on your zip-code.

International Shipping
We DO offer international shipping on some items.  Shipping times can vary widely based on the size and weight of your items.  Items can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to be delivered based on the customs process of your country.  All customers are responsible for their own import fees.  Tracking information is supplied with each and every order.  Customers will have to allow an extra week of processing time for some items.

Livestock Shipping (Fish, Corals & Live Rock)
To minimize stress and to make sure optimum health, we attempt to deliver your livestock as quick as imaginable at a reasonable cost. 

Corals will ship USPS Priority 2 day if they’re very hard corals or small orders, Larger Coral orders or more sensitive Corals will ship USPS Express 1 Day. 

Fish will ship USPS Express Saver 1 day.

Live rock will ship depending on what’s ordered.  Primo Deco for instance needs overnighted, whilst some rock like Real Reef Rock or Base Rock will also be shipped via UPS Ground.  Depending on what you order we will be able to contact you with options to have it overnighted to your door or shipped airfreight to the closest airport.  Airfreight is the cheaper option but it is all up to you the customer.



At SaltwaterAquarium we strive to do things different. We aim to keep things simple and only sell products we currently own or have used prior to now. We are saltwater enthusiasts just like you, why would we sell you a product we would never buy ourselves? That’s just silly. There’s thousands of online stores, some who are cheaper, who simply try to sell anything and everything under the sun, they may be able to irrespective of quality. Here at our eBay store we only sell items we know work and have great value. This does a couple of things for us.

  • 1. We know the products inside and outside because, we use them in our reefs/tanks. We will have to be capable to answer any question you have.
  • 2. We hardly each and every have complaints or returns because we do not sell the low end products with bad reviews that do not work.
  • 3. Setting up our store in this manner makes for a better overall experience for you the customer.

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