D-1 Vortex Diatom Filter (00010)

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D-1 Vortex Diatom Filter (00010)

Diatom Filters dispose of many free-swimming infectious stages of quite a lot of parasites from the tank water before they may be able to attach to their hosts, and when the attached adult parasites on the fish die, the fish are sooner or later left parasite-free. Because many free-floating bacterias are also got rid of from the tank, wounded fish regularly heal more quickly (absent the bacterias that cause infections)

After parasites and toxic algae problems have been eliminated, this can be a good idea to schedule diatom filtration on a weekly basis and even frequently for an issue tank.

Used properly, your Diatom filter will do away with the want to “tear down” your aquarium to wash.

Model D-1 diatom filter is for such a lot routine cleaning jobs. Filters over 250 GPH. Clears a 10 gallon tank micron free in 12 minutes.

The Diatom XL filter, which filters at as much as 300 GPH (and measures 18″ high by 7.5″ wide on the base), is the very best speed aquarium diatom filter in the marketplace (designed for continuous operation).

    Vortex Diatom Filter Features:

  • Electrical on-off switch and self priming motor

  • 100% filtration of water that passes throughout the pump – no hidden “by-pass holes”

  • Quiet operation. Motor shaft is attached instantly to the impeller (no slipping magnetic drive or squealing belts)

  • Thermally Secure motor. Self-contained and designed for continuous operation

  • Adjustable and directional drift

  • Backwashes clean without taking the filter apart. Secure against gravel jam of the impeller

  • Easily recharged with filter media – Diatom filter powder, supercharge or water softener could also be added even as the filter is running.

  • Positively does not change pH

  • New unbreakable chamber base stand and jar!

  • Filters aquariums as much as 55 Gallons.

  • Contains starter pack of diatom powder and the whole lot had to start the use of straight away.

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