Fish Cipro, 500mg. 100 count tablets USP Fish Flox

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Each pill contains… Cipro 500mg. USP

Cipro is an artificial extensive spectrum antibiotic.

For remedy in opposition to many gram-bad and gram-sure microorganisms.

Dosage…Use one pill [ 500mg. ] in step with 2 gallons water.

Dissolve in small quantity of water, upload straight away into aquarium, pond or medical institution tank.

Repeat each 24 hours for five-7 days, don’t exceed 7 days.

It’s beneficial that 1/four water modification be made day-to-day right through remedy.

Caution…Stay out of succeed in of youngsters.

For decorative fish use handiest.

Not for human intake or fish supposed for meals.

Expiration date…02/2020

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