Heteractis Magnifica 8-12″ Kenya Ritteri Anemone Live Coral Ultra

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We have received a shipment of gorgeous Ritteri Anemone from Kenya.  heteractis Magnifica, the magnificent sea anemone or Ritteri Anemone. Nice vibrant plump Anemone with healthy foot & closed mouths. well-acclimated ready to ship!   We are giving an estimated size, Difficult to tell exact size of expansion because we contain them in baskets.  In the proper environment these can open huge! 

We ask that you please read our policies below when purchasing, these policies are in place to insure a smooth and pleasant transaction.  Thank You!

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE   In the rare event of DOA, store credit will be issued, no refunds – No exceptions. Send digital photos within 4 hours of Fedex delivery time to receive future store credit. No credits without photos. Purchases of marinelife are non-returnable & non-refundable. Shipping costs must be paid & are not refunded or credited, customer responsible for FedEx shipping charges. Death due to carrier shipping delays are not covered by our DOA policy.  DOA’s occur in less than 1% of our shipments

PHOTOGRAPHY & COLORATION    Photos taken w/ Iphone under T5 or LED Lighting.  Lighting conditions, aquarium glass, computer monitors, cell phone screens, tablets, etc can magnify or distort size, shape, color, & brightness of photos, a fact that we can’t control.  Actual coral colors may vary after shipping.  Differences in lighting types, setting & intensities, tank conditions, viewing angle, etc can affect the appearance of coral. Anemones & corals can take several days to inflate & look like photos. Sizes stated are best estimates, anemones & corals can change size dramatically as they inflate & deflate their tissue. If you have any questions contact us. For additional photos, contact us.  We do not issue refunds if item looks different in your tank than in ours, since tank & lighting conditions vary. 

PAYMENT   Paypal & all major credit cards accepted. Please pay within 48 hours of purchase. If additional time is needed contact us for approval.  If you purchase something & don’t pay for it, that means we can’t sell it to another customer until we hear from you . Please be courteous to other hobbyists by paying for your item promptly, or contacting us if you wish to cancel. After a week with no contact, your order will be cancelled.


We have 27 years experience handling and packing corals. We professionally triple pack in plastic bags, w/styrofoam box &carboard outer liner.  Heat/cool packs used to maintain temp. FedEx Priority Overnight service used  in most situations. Someone must be home to receive the box, guarantee is void if  a coral perishes due to a box outside your house because no one is there to receive it. We ship within 1-2 days of receiving your payment. Once you place an order & receive tracking, it is your reponsibility to track the box & protect it from extreme heat or cold at your destination. We ship Mon-Thurs, for arrivals on Tues-Friday. Packages are sent at the end of the day to reduce shipping & transit time in boxes.  We do not ship for Saturday delivery,  Some customers ask to delay shipping until a more convenient day- in order not to violate Ebay’s shipping policies, handling time is set at 10 days to accommodate these customers. 

CARE & ACCLIMATION Detailed care for anemones, polyps, corals, & clams can be found elsewhere, & should be researched prior to purchase.  Float the bag on the surface of the aquarium w/ the lights dim, gradually exchange tank water with bag water & place the item in tank. Acclimate for 30-60 minutes. Anemones may require pumps to be shut off until the foot is connected.  As a general rule of thumb, keep the lighting blue & dim, gradually increasing intensity as coral or anemone recovers from stress of shipping. This process can take hours, to as long as a week, depending on conditions & degree of stress.

FEEDBACK We strive to earn positive feedback from all customers. If for any reason you feel that you CANNOT leave immediate positive feedback, please discuss with us directly for resolution.  If something goes wrong with your shipment please contact us immediately, we are here to help.  Our goal is pleasing every customer & creating a pleasant buying experience. We request that you leave positive feedback promptly after receiving your order, and we will do the same for you. 

***combined free shipping is an added bonus that we offer our customers, however, in certain situations we are unable to extend this offer, i.e. extremely large or heavy items that will not all fit our standard size shipping box

For more corals, fish, inverts, & aquarium supplies, visit our showroom in person !!

Aqua Dreams Aquarium

8 Southwick St

Feeding Hills, Ma  01030

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