Horn Shark 9”-10”. Live Saltwater reef Aquarium! FREE SHIPPING

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Horn Shark (Heterodontus francisci) is a benthic shark, endemic to the nice and cozy temperate to subtropical waters at the Pacific continental shelf off Mexico and the US. The species has also been reported off Ecuador and Peru, alternatively, these reports are unconfirmed. This bullhead shark species happens from the intertidal zone to a depth of 152 m, despite the fact that it’s such a lot commonplace at 2-11 m, moving offshore within the winter to waters >30 m. The species exhibits a prime degree of segregation corresponding to its life history, with adults going on shallower than juveniles. Horn sharks have a small home vary and exhibit longer term website fidelity. They’re of no commercial price, despite the fact that They’re taken as bycatch primarily off Mexico. They’re hardy and feature low post-unlock mortality, alternatively, catches must be monitored if the gillnet fishery in Mexico expands considerably one day. Insufficient knowledge is to be had at the present to assess Horn Shark beyond Knowledge Deficient. In the US this species may neatly be Least Concern as it’s often encountered by divers but is terribly rare in capture fisheries and has no apparent threats.


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