Hoverzon Hoverjet Electric Skateboard UL2272 Motorized Longboard Wireless Remote

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Hoverzon Hoverjet Electric Skateboard UL2272 Motorized Longboard Wireless Remote

  • 24 V LITHIUM ION BATTERY – propels the boosted board to go 11 MPH and up to 10 miles on a single charge
  • HIGH DURATION POLYURETHANE WHEELS –  durable wheels absorb shock and provide a smooth ride.
  • MAPLE WOOD DECK & PREMIUM GRIP TAPE – for a sturdy protected ride on this motorized longboard.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE – controls speed, stopping and cruise regulate on the electric skateboard.
  • UL 2272 CERTIFIED – The Hoverjet meets or exceeds all electric skateboard safety requirements

Let’s Roll! Designed for speed, comfort, and performance, HoverJet electric skateboard by Hoverzon is engineered to provide you with a quick, smooth, and effortless ride.  Speed off at 11mph over an 10 mile range on this precision driven, motorized skateboard. In reality, the most efficient electric skateboard, it boasts a solid, 7 ply Canadian Maple Wood deck generously fitted with grip tape for strength and stability, and durable polyurethane wheels to take in shock and provide a smooth ride.

Take regulate of the road and sync up the Hoverzon electronic skateboard with its wireless remote to accelerate, decelerate, or engage the cruise regulate feature allowing the rider to take care of speed without touching the throttle!

The HoverJet boosted electric skateboard charges in just 90 minutes, the usage of a UL2272 certified 24V Li-On Fe battery with patented Aegis Armor technology for extra security as a way to provide multilayered battery protection that exceeds all current safety requirements, You’ll be able to race along knowing that the Hoverjet has got your back!

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