Large Manzanita Driftwood aquarium terrarium aquascape crafts stump

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    large Manzanita Driftwood Stump
24″×17″×12″.   Hand sanded and rinsed with water.  Manzanita… the aquarium hobbyists #1 choice for aquarium driftwood. The sixth hardest wood, Manzanita lasts years longer than Malaysian wood and any other “Driftwood” on the market today. Is non toxic with neutral chemistry as to not upset the balance of any aquarium ecosystem. Let’s not forget its uncanny natural beauty in shape and color. Making manzanita the most attractive, best value and the safest wood for any long term project. 
     We STRONGLY urge our clients who purchase any wood to submerge the piece(s) in regular tap water for 30 hours. This will sanitize the wood and repel any insects, moss, mold, fungi or bacteria that may be on or inside the wood. We regretfully can no longer take the time to sanitize the wood.  It is no longer practical when many pieces are bought quickly. Also soaking the wood adversely affects the shipping charges by increasing weight.  Thank you

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