Lot of 10 Silver Franklin Half Dollars (Random Dates 1948-1963) – Free Shipping!

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You are bidding on a large number of 10 Silver Franklin Part Bucks – average circulated condition – random dates most commonly from 1948-1963. 


These coins are 90% silver and are once in a while known as “junk silver” because they lack further collector worth as a result of their wear from circulation. The price of those coins is within the silver content, widely recognizable as containing an outlined quantity of silver, and readily usable for barter or industry in manageable fractional amounts will have to monetary doomsday ever come. Consider – industry a silver dime for a dozen eggs or a silver quarter for a steak or a silver Part greenback for an entire dinner. Check out doing that simply by cutting up a gold coin!


Free Shipping!  See my feedback history and accept as true with that I’m a reliable seller.  No scams!

Coins are in moderation packed in unmarked, generic shipping fabrics in a fashion to attenuate noise for optimum safety and privacy.


Buy at the same time as the market is down and stock up!

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