MARCUM LX-7 Sonar System LX-7

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You are shopping for a brand spanking new box. The whole thing is included plus an entire guaranty. 

  • 8-inch LCD (800 x 600px) display
  • Four user-selectable colour palettes
  • User-outlined on-screen “Dashboard” presentations digital depth, battery voltage, vary, gain, interference rejection (IR), target regulate, or any aggregate thereof
  • “Multifaceted Sonar Show” LCD windows – “water column vertical,” vertical zoom, flasher-dial and standard widescreen graph presentations.
  • Industry-unique Sonar Footprint technology presentations space of bottom protection at any depth, with both 8 level or 20 level transducer cone angles (ex: 20 level – 32ft depth – 11.3 ft ‘footprint diameter’)
  • MarCum sonar options—
    • 1/2” Target seperation
    • Patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom and Bottom Lock Zoom
    • Patented 12-stage Interference Rejection (IR)
    • Adjustable Scroll/ping rate
  • Fully user-outlined “Dashboard” presentations digital depth, battery voltage, vary, gain, IR, target regulate, or any aggregate thereof
  • Adjustable Evening-Vis Backlight
  • Includes rechargeable 12-volt nine-amp battery, charger and deluxe padded softcase
  • Snow Defend Faceplate included
  • Intelligently controlled sonar engine, pushed by means of 4800-watts PtP (six hundred-watts RMS)
  • Temperature Capable while used with optional Prime-Speed Transducer
  • Made in the united states with US and imported parts
  • Two year warranty

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