Miniplane Snip 30m Reserve Parachute Spare for Powered Paragliding Paramotor PPG

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Reserve parachute SNIP-L (size 30)

Snip L is a proportionally shaped double-spindle parachute with forward motion that is partially controllable. Due to its low weight, double-skinned construction and short carrying cords are characterized by extremely fast opening

Specific features of Snip L such are light weight, easy mounting on all types of harness, the possibility of dropping the reserve parachute in any mode of flight by any hand, the possibility of placing the instruments and the map of the parachute container.

It comes with a front container.  As a cylinder of dimensions 13 cm, length 33 cm with the possibility of fixing the instruments. Fastening of front container is easy and compatible with most harnesses. The outer container and the backup straps of the backup parachute are attached to the main carabiners. 

Double skinned technology allows reserve to be opened extremely fast (once deployed).

Area (m²) 30,5 
Max. flight weight 130 kg 
Min. 70 kg 
Number of panels 18 – (54) 
Number of main lines: 18 + 2 central 
Depth (m / s) 5,55 m / 
Packed parachute size 32x12x12 cm 
Total weight with container 2,1 kg

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