Mens Navajo Bolo Tie KINGMAN Turquoise TUFA CAST Sterling Silver MONTY CLAW A+

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Mens Navajo Bolo Tie KINGMAN Turquoise TUFA CAST Sterling Silver MONTY CLAW A+

Mens Navajo Bolo Tie KINGMAN Turquoise TUFA CAST Sterling Silver MONTY CLAW A+

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Hand Made by Renowned, Award Winning Navajo Silversmith, Monty Claw. Monty is a TRUE artist, as every piece of his jewelry is for my part hand made, most commonly throughout the labor intensive Tufa Casting method. Tufa stone casting is where a stone (tufa stone) is carved and molten silver is poured into the carved design. Mainly, the theory to tufa cast silver is to 1. carve the design into the tufa rock 2. melt silver 3. pour the molten silver into the tufa rock mold.

Tufa stone is a volcanic, pourous stone that may be found naturally within the area of the Navajo Reservation. The stone may be very soft and will also be scratch with a piece of metal. Despite the fact that the stone is never heated, it really works great at these high temperature.

Tufa casting is a delicate art. Molds normally simplest last one, or two castings. Then they’re not usable. The feel of the tufa stone leaves its distinctive texture at the finished piece, leading to a sandstone-like texture. As the piece is finished, it’s ceaselessly refined with filing and polishing, further shaping, in addition to stone or inlay embellishments. Tufa cast pieces are one-of-a-kind artworks that may never be replicated.

Monty’s jewelry has spirit, the organic process wherein he hand carves each and every stone to perfectly connect with the encasing silver, which creates an elevated energy around his art. This remarkable (HEFTY) pendant includes a Natural High Grade KINGMAN Turquoise stone set into this amazing Tufa cast Bolo pendant.  Signed “M CLAW” at the inner band. Very heavy, thick black braided bolo necklace is included, and is capped with heavy sterling silver tips.  An Amazing BOLO TIE on your Native American Jewelry Collection!


Specifics and Measurements-

Necklace Pendant is just under 3 1/2 inches tall, 1 1/2th inch wide, Leather Necklace is fully adjustable, 46 inches (total)

Artist- Navajo Silversmith- MONTY CLAW

Sterling Silver

Weighs- 120 Grams!

Stone- Natural Gem Grade KINGMAN Turquoise

Signed- by Navajo Silversmith “Monty Claw”

Bolo + Pendant- Contemporary 



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native american bolo tie


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