Navajo Pearls Bead Necklace Sterling Silver 32 inch LONG Antiqued Old Style #3

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Navajo Pearls Bead Necklace Sterling Silver 32 inch LONG Antiqued Old Style #3

Navajo Pearls Bead Necklace Sterling Silver 32 inch LONG Antiqued Old Style #3

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 At the HEART of each and every Navajo woman’s wardrobe, are her “Navajo Pearls”. These are regularly handmade & handstrung beads which were passed down for generations. The deeper the silver patina, usually the older and more beloved the beads.

This is a gorgeous strand of quality “Navajo Pearls” made by Navajo silversmith, MARILYN PLATERO. This necklace is THICK and CHUNKY and is entirely hand beaded. The necklace features plenty of Corrugated and Smooth sterling silver beads which were antiqued by Erma for the old style look of the 1920/30’s.  Every necklace is unique, and differs from the following. You’ll recieve the precise beads within the photos.  The beads are priced by the raw weight of silver, the length of the beads, and the labor thinking about making Every one. If you’re searching for Heavier beads, you’ll shop consistent with your price range. We’ve got a couple of different lengths/weights/variations to be had.

We LOVE the drama of these antiqued sterling beads, and the truth that you’ll pair them with a Cardigan/Skirt or wear them with jeans/boots! These beads are strung on heavy sterling foxtail, and are very protected. You can be surprised how incessantly you succeed in for them, as you’ll layer them with other Native American necklace pendants- and wear them on a daily basis! *This necklace IS Symmetrical in spite of the photos. You CAN wear a pendant on it (however it will have to have a big bail), differently you’ll use it to LAYER with other necklaces.

Specifics & Measurements-

Necklace Measures a total of – 32 inches (Largest Bead is 14 mm)
*Pendants to be had, Sold Separately

Sterling Silver

Weighs- 64 Grams !!

Artist- Navajo – MARILYN PLATERO

Necklace-Antiqued Beads- “Navajo Pearls”

Marked $600.00 (but on Sale Now)




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navajo pearls necklace


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