NEW Reserve emergency parachute rescue SQ-26 Paragliding in neopren container

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NEW reserve emergency parachute rescue SQ-26 Hang Gliding Paragliding “Sky Country” Ukraine in neopren container

Quantity: 1 parachute; 1 container.

Default – the parachute is equipped with a short fal for the paraglider. If you need a long (6 m) fal for hang glider, please let us know.

New product from Sky Country – a rescue parachute SQ-26 of square shape. Square parachutes have a number of advantages over traditional round ones – they are more stable when descending and have a higher drag coefficient — sink rate is lower with the same surface area. SQ-26 is in progress of certification in accordance with EN-12491 standard. At a weight of 110 kg sink rate is 5 meters per second. We allow the use of a parachute for a weight of up to 120 kg. Vertical speed will not exceed 5.5 meters per second.


To reduce weight, the thin lines Liros RL Safety Line Dyneema 1.3 are used – as the number and length of the lines is higher compared to the traditional parachute.


Packing of a square parachute is almost identical to that of a round parachute – the instruction is in the SQ-26 users manual. We recommend re-packing of the parachute once every 6 months.


A square parachute with an area of 26 sq.m. with a flight weight of up to 110 kg, as well as light versions of both parachutes are in progress of development.



This item has an area of parachute 26 m2 (279 foot2)Design standard

Please, before you buy, check that the area of the parachute fits your weight on the table below. If you require a different area of the parachute, please contact us.

RESCUE. Design standard

  SQ-23 SQ-26 SQ-33 SQ-40 SQ-50
flat surface, m2 23 26 33 40 50
weight, kg 1 1,6 1,79 2,3 2,8
volume cm3 4300 5300 6300 8100 10500
descent speed with max load, m/s 5,5 5,5 4,93/5,5* 5,5 5,5
max load, kg* 100 110 140 180 220
max load, EN, kg 120


Material – The standard parachute made of cloth Porcher Sports NCV made in France.

Lightweight cockpit with emergency parachute container made of neoprene

The container is designed for installation in suspended X-cool harness with a front fairing (cocoon) and Hang Gliding Nano trike .

Designed to accommodate the rescue parachute area not exceeding 45 square meters, as well as the placement of instrumentation.

It has one compartment and a rigid adjustable stand for instrumentation.

• Compartment for a rescue parachute;

• Adjustable platform for instrumentation;

• Fixing to the carabiner hanging two adjustable quick-release buckle (during the emergency landing on the water to quickly disconnect one side of the container);

• Additional third fastening on T-lock strap suspension,

• Weight: 360g

Parachute compartment:

• Has a 4-valve structure;

• Enchanted single hairpin chute handle, the handle allows you to enter a parachute both right and left hands;

• The amount of separation allows the use of rescue parachutes classic design from 25 to 45 square meters;

• Petals container made of neoprene.

Contents of delivery

• Cockpit

• Parachute paked in camera

• Mount suspension (2 metal locks, 2 plastic castle)



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