Nightlock Residential Door Barricade for Inward & Outward Swinging Doors Lock

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Nightlock Residential Lockdown for Homes with Both Inwardly or Outwardly Swinging Doors.

Comes with 3/8″ Baseplate.

Lockdown Instrument for Extreme Emergencies

NIGHTLOCK LOCKDOWN is anchored securely to the ground, uses the strength of the ground. It may well face up to tremendous force. On a standard door, an outsider or active shooter can break a door window, achieve in, and acquire get right of entry to to the door knob lever to open the door. With the Nightlock Residential Lockdown on the flooring degree, it’s out of achieve.
Easy to Set up – Simple to Use – To Lock: Merely drop Deal with into the slot. Add this easy Door Barricade protection Instrument to all doors to be used right through extreme emergency, intruder alerts and active shooter drills. Regular (3/8″) or Low Profile (1/8″) flooring plate To be had – please particular right through the ordering process if you wish to have the low profile (1/8″) base plate because it comes with the Regular (3/8″) base plate.

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