Notes from the Grooming Table Second Edition

Notes from the Grooming Table Second Edition

Notes From the Grooming Table – SECOND EDITION is a comprehensive grooming information that incorporates knowledge on fundamental pet grooming tactics on over 200 AKC identified breed standards.

In this new model, you get:

  • grooming directions and illustrations for over 200 breeds.
  • 145 added pages!
  • a complete index to creating looking out even more uncomplicated!
  • a totally remastered gear and gear phase, together with new knowledge on shears, brushes, clippers, stripping gear, and so a lot more!
  • completely new steel defend comb phase.
  • updated clipper blade duration phase.
  • 2 new bathing and drying sections, together with wonderful directions and illustrations.
  • new sections had been added that describe the historic serve as and design of each and every dog staff.
  • 51 new breeds had been added, together with Hairless and Rustic coats.
  • includes detailed sections on classic Poodle and drop coat kinds.
  • the complete ebook has new and up to date breed profile styling.

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