Oceanic Biocube 14 excellent used condition

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Oceanic Biocube 14 excellent used condition

This listing is for a preowned Oceanic Biocube 14 gallon all-in-one tank that was once recently in use as a marine reef aquarium. It was once taken down as I went to a 29 gallon Biocube that I were given a deal on. This tank is in very good preowned condition with out a visible scratches on glass and no leaks, and was once wiped clean with warm water and vinegar when taken down. The unique pump and led night lighting fixtures are included and work great, and the pump was once run in a bucket with warm water and vinegar to wash, and runs great. System runs silently. 

**Rather than the night lighting fixtures, the PC lighting fixtures and fans, ballasts and electronics have been got rid of as they created an excessive amount of ambient heat for my liking, so it is very important put in lighting fixtures (I suggest a couple LED strips). I used Current TruLumen strips (2) and a Current Dual ramp timer (no longer included as they’re in my new tank) and would highly recommend them as they’re really easy to put in and use (and affordable). There could also be a window on back of tank for shining a light for a refugium if you wish to go that way. I used an InTank Media Basket that may be listed in some other auction if you have an interest.
So, what you’re bidding on is a Biocube 14 Tank/Hood/Light protector in good shape, the pump, the led night light and plug/driving force.  
I don’t see how this may also be shipped with any sense of assurance that it is going to get there in one piece, in order such this might be a pickup handiest item in lovely Asheville, NC. 
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