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Sleeping Crib Chicco Next2 Me

Next2Me: Dreaming hand in hand!

Chicco’s Next2me side sleeping crib has been specifically designed to allow you and your baby to sleep next to one another without the want to share the same bed. The ease of attachment and assembly, plus the removable and washable lining make life easy, making the Next2me bedside crib the easiest addition to any nursery.

The benefits of side sleeping

There are many benefits to sleeping close to your baby. You’ll get to spend extra time with your little one at the same time as developing a much stronger bond. It’s not just your baby that can see the benefits; you may as well sleep much easier knowing that your child is close by and secure from harm. Also, side sleeping can make breastfeeding much easier as there’s no want to leave the room or fully wake, meaning mum gets the much needed rest she deserves.

Safe attachment

Is simple and secure, thanks to 2 belts to allow attach the base of next2me to the structure of the bed of the parent

Can be adapted to various kinds of bed.

The base of the structure is also foldable and allows Next2me to be attached to drawer beds as well. Next2me can also be height adjusted in 6 different positions for adapting to among the beds.

Foldable drawer side.

The base of the structure is also foldable and allows Next2me to be attached to drawer beds as well. Next2me can also be height adjusted in 6 different positions for adapting to among the beds.

Easy to use wherever you are!

The special straps and adjustable height make the bedside crib easy to attach to any bed, whilst the included Go back and forth bag means that you can easily transport the crib, meaning you and your baby can sleep next to one another wherever you go.

Versatile.. Day and night!

Next2me can also be both attached to mum and dad’s bed for quieter nights all the way through the first months; raising the foldable drawer side. As baby grows You’ll be able to move Next2me away from the parent’s bed and use it as a normal crib.

I can be utilized also in the living room

The foldable drawer side can also be hooked back to the upper structure

Easy to move

Thanks to its two swivel and locking wheels, Next2me can also be easly moved from one room to the other

As comfortable as a nest.

Designed with comfort in mind, the side sleeping crib includes a padded mattress in addition to a net window for extra air circulation. You’ll be able to simply tilt the crib if your little one is ever congested, helping to breathe better.


The height of the crib can also be adjusted in 6 positions and can also be reasonably inclined in an effort to help the child to breathe better.

Cotton Interior.

The inner a part of the cot is in cotton, for the most productive comfort of your baby.

Key Features:

Ability to sleep close to your baby with no need to share the same bed. Go back and forth bag included for easy transport. Simple and secure fastening system to attach to parent’s bed. Adjustable to 6 height positions to make sure compatibility with beds and drawers. Net window for air circulation. Removable and washable lining. As baby grows can be utilized as a standalone crib.

Safety Notes

Using the product is allowed for a child between 0 to 6 months, weighing up to 9 kg.

When the product is used in “Side Sleeping Mode (Attached to the bed)”, before placing the baby, be sure that the connection belts are as it should be hooked and tightened, the product will have to fit closely to the mattress of the parents and no spaces between product and adult mattress will have to be present.


Dimensions open: 66/81 x 93 x 69

Dimensions closed: 95 x 15

Weight: 9 kg 0 to 6 months homologated

Dear Customers, please pay attention, that we are a polish firm and all of your orders will be sent from Poland to america.

Shipping is made as UPS parcel.

Shipping takes 3-4 working days.

We wish you much joy with a prime quality brand new products, ordered in our shop !

Crib was once manufactured after 2011 and complies with the new federal safety standards issued by the CPSC

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