OUDIE 4 Basic Flight Instrument for Paragliding and Hang Gliding

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Basic Overview:
The Oudie 4 Basic is a lite version of the Oudie 4 and is ideal for the 
recreational pilot who wants the most advanced instrument but does not yet need 
competition related data-fields, task options, user-profiles and FAI Trinagle 
features. The Oudie 4 Basic has the same fantastic hardware as the the Oudie 4 
which means that it can be simply and easily upgraded at any time with the 
purchase of a software unlock code.

Main Features:
Very bright full color display (selectable portrait or landscape)
Glove friendly touchscreen
Full color moving map including pre-loaded topography, roads, train features and airspace
66+ Data-fields to choose from
3D airspace warning and alarms
Thermal and wind assistant
Race route (with optimization)
Fully customizable including data-field placement, size, font size, map detail, etc
>12 hour battery
Practically unlimited IGC file recording for competition, OLC and world records
Flight replay and simulation mode
Lifetime free software upgrades

What’s Included:
Protective carry case
PDF Manual (on CDGetting started manual
Universal wall charger
Car charger
USB Cabl
Self-adhesive velcro strip
SeeYou trial (on CD)
Coupon for 1-year SeeYou software license

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