Ozone Alpina 2 (NEW) – Lightweight Performance Paraglider / Paramotor Wing!

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Ozone Alpina 2 (NEW) – Lightweight Performance Paraglider / Paramotor Wing!

A hike and fly dream come true!

Better than the Alpina 3, the Alpina 2 has shorter batons in the leading edge and can therefore be folded to a 33% smaller packing volume.

This Glider is brand new from Ozone with 0 hours and is still factory packed. It was purchased as a backup for another Alpina 2 which is still flying great! Don’t miss the chance to fly this epic wing.

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About the Alpina 2

The Alpina 2 is based on the Delta 2, but weighs 800g less! The Alpina 2 retains the comfort, safety and ease of use of the Delta 2 but increases the overall performance, fun and handling in a lightweight package. Suitable for Sport Class pilots who are looking for a light weight wing with uncompromised performance. The Alpina 2 is for serious adventures and XC missions in real conditions anywhere on earth. Our mission was to provide serious Vol-Biv pilots with the same legendary performance and comfort of the Delta 2, in a package that is light and low-volume enough to carry into the biggest mountains on earth.

This wing has directly benefitted from the technological gains made in the OZONE Performance Project and more than ten years of lightweight paraglider R&D. OZONE’s research in light wing construction began with the Peak in 2001, continued during the first ever X-Alps race in 2003 and in every subsequent race since. Features that appear in the design of the Alpina 2 helped pilots to sweep the top five places in the 2013 RBXA race.

The Alpina 2’s SharkNose profile is solid at accelerated speeds and extremely resistant to spin and stall. It provides a more constant internal pressure in turbulent air, increasing passive stability and creating an even more comfortable and stable feel in accelerated flight. The new profile has also improved the launch behaviour by reducing shooting in higher wind conditions.

True Performance is our mission, and with the Alpina 2 this means a speed range that is fully usable in real conditions. Ultra-smooth Ronstan pulleys make engaging the speed bar, and maintaining pitch control via the bar a pleasure in active air. The A2 features R12/Enzo-style mini ribs at the trailing edge, and its new internal structure supports an advanced line plan. These design improvements have resulted in a huge reduction in parasitic drag. Further line optimisation has reduced the overall total line drag by 26% compared to the original Alpina. Overall, this has yielded a significantly higher level of efficiency, and the ultra-clean shark profile has allowed for a significant wing area reduction.

Compared to the Delta 2, the Alpina 2’s performance is slightly better overall. Thanks to its lightweight construction, it has better comportment during launch, an extra-agile feel in thermals, and less overall sail inertia. These free performance benefits all contribute to a global performance upgrade compared to the Delta 2, with no sacrifice in passive safety.

The Alpina 2 is directed towards Sport-Performance Class pilots who are looking for a lightweight wing that can handle serious XC flying in remote vol-biv locations. No matter what your XC mission or Vol-Biv adventure has in store, the Alpina 2 is ready to go; just show it the way.

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