Pair of .225 Garage Door Torsion Springs Any Length Up to 36″ With Winding Bars

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Pair of .225 Garage Door Torsion Springs Any Length Up to 36″ With Winding Bars

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Pair of .225 Garage Door Torsion Springs Any Length As much as 36″ With Winding Bars

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Our Made in U.S.A. High Quality Coated Torsion Springs are factory coated black for smoother, cleaner operation and in addition corrosion resistant and oil tempered for longer life.

For use on doors 7′ or 8′ high doors with 4″ standard lift drums. Engineered for maximum application range. Minimum 10,000 cycles, at +/- 7.5 lbs of target door weight. Springs are made of steel coils with aluminum cones.

Make sure you order the right kind spring by comparing the ideas in spring length tab with what you’ve got.

365 Garage Door Parts

Measure your current spring (broken pieces included) from spring coil end to finish – cones not included.

How to Resolve if Torsion Spring is Left Hand or Right Hand Wound:
Standard springs are coded red and black. Red is right hand wind. Black is left hand wind. All the time Resolve the wind of the wire.

To Resolve in case you are ordering a right wind spring or left wind spring the best way would be check the coloring coding – if is it red or black.

Please note the side of door the spring is mounted DOES NOT indicate spring wind needed. Standard garage door systems have the proper hand wound red winding cone at the end and will probably be mounted w/ the red winding cone pointing towards the LEFT. The left hand wound black winding cone will probably be mounted w/ the black winding cone pointing towards the RIGHT.

  • Right hand wind would be wound counter clock wise on this diagram with the spring mounted at the left side of bracket.
  • Left hand wind would be wound clockwise within the diagram with the spring mounted at the right side of bracket.
  • After you may have made up our minds the the left & right hand winds you will have enough information to reserve.

365 Garage Door Parts

Length of 20 CoilsWire SizeLength of 20 Coils Wire Size
2 1/2″.1255 3/4″.289
2 3/4″.1355 7/8″.295
2 7/8″.1426 1/8″.3065
3″.14836 1/4″.3125
3 1/8″.15626 3/8″.3195
3 1/4″.1626 5/8″.331
3 3/8″.1706 7/8″.3437
3 1/2″.1777 1/4″.3625
3 3/4″.18757 1/2″.375
3 7/8″.1927 7/8″.3938
4 1/8″.2078 1/8″.4062
4 3/8″.2188 7/16″.4218
4 1/2″.22538 5/8″.4305
4 5/8″.23438 3/4″.4375
4 7/8″.24379 1/16″.4531
5″.2509 1/4″.4615
5 1/4″.26259 3/8″.4687
5 1/2″.2739 3/4″.490
5 5/8″.28310″.50

365 Garage Door Parts

WARNING – Garage door springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and, if handled improperly, can cause serious injury. Just a qualified professional or a automatically experienced person must adjust them, but only by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. For those who try to make the repairs yourself, you’re doing this at your individual risk. 365garagedoorparts isn’t answerable for any injuries, damages of any kind, or death. Purchase of springs from us deems agreement with these terms

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