Polini TOP 80 on full titanium frame light paramotor setup 20 kG-44Lb

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Vittorazi Moster-185 “silent”   based paramotor engine , and<br /> lower oscillating S-bars

 Hi flight loving people!


It is well known that in our sport weight is king. We are pleased to offer you,  light paramotor setup based on our new full titanium frame. The total weight (without gasoline and reserve parachute) is only 20 kilograms. It is felt on the back not as an ordinary paramotor, but rather as a free flight harness. Pilots try to wear it for the first time usually say only “Wow”))


Setup composition:


– Engine Polini TOP 80

– Titanium “Sport” frame, also possible with lower moving S bars

– SkyMax harness – only 2 kilograms

– 49 in wooden prop (Optionally, E-Props carbon fiber propeller, please contact me)

– Fuel tank Robomecc  10/12/14/18 liters, also possible SkyMax 15 litres 4 gal soft fuel tank /bag)

The frame is full titanium, 3.2 kG (6.6Lb) only. The frame can be adapted for almost any engine and it is possible to buy it separately. The price is only 650 euros, if you’re interested, please contact me.


Shipping: by EMC registered express mail. Delivery time: Continental USA 10 days or two weeks, Australia – three weeks.  Cost USD250.

For European Union buyers: we can ship from NarvaEstonia – this is to avoid any customs charges. Cost 50-200Euros – please contact me.

We are located in St. PetersburgRussia, but we can ship from NarvaEstonia, or Finland. This makes  EU buyers avoid the import customs fees.

For paramotor and wings, and we offer a unique service in the market – the delivery to the customers door(only for nothern  Europe and Scandinavia)

For the Baltic countries and southern Finland delivery is free!

Engines EOS Booster need two up to four weeks for delivery.


If you have any questions please contact me, I am always online and respond quickly

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