Porcellio Bolivari 10 counts live isopods

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Porcellio Bolivari



You will receive 10 isopods from an established colony.

This is one of the most beautiful isopod species in the hobby and a must for any serious hobbyists.




As with most European species, good ventilation is a must.The enclosure cover is cut-out, covered with wire mesh to prevent outsiders fromentering your colony. You can also cut out the top-side of the encolusure if this is what works for your set-up.



About 1/4 of substrate is moist, the rest is bone-dry. With that said, please keep in mind that they must always have a moist corner to retreat to; all isopods are crustaceans after all 🙂



Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, swiss chard, squash,zucchini, and some fruits occassionally – I only feed them the organic kind. Provide protein and source of calcium also. Cuttlefish bone and leaf litter is a must.


Additional Care Tips:



Adult max size:

1+ inch.


Shipping Info:

Priority mail which includes styrofoam insulation and cool/heat pack, depending on season.


Live Arrival Guarantee:

***The package should be held at your local post office forpick up to avoid the isopods from being exposed to cold/hot temperatures. Please send me a message requesting the shipping as hold for pick up at your local post office.

***If there is any issues with the isopods held for pick up,please contact me within 1 hour of the pick up time logged by the USPS trackingsystem. Please send pictures of the isopods and the packaging materials.

***Packages must be picked up in a timely manner; if thepackage is not pick up within 24 hours, LAG is voided. I am not resposible forpackages not picked up and returned to sender. You can go to USPS website andsign up to be notified when the package is ready for pick up in real time.

***Temperature at destination is above 32F and below 95F.