Powered Paraglider PPG Fly Products 130 tandem or single US Paragliding

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Before bidding or buying you must contact us.  We will not put you in the air without at least a release form stating you will be receiving training by an instructor or individual who has vast experience in personal flight.


If you purchase without contacting US Pararagliding we will cancel your order.  Things instructors will want to know would be your weight height physical condition and were you will do most of your flying not to mention you flying goals as this unit may not be best for certain situations.  Meaning you could save a lot of money and or get something better suited for your needs and goals.  

US Paragliding offers a state of the art facility to train you and in the least get your first lesson or introductory lesson  before even purchasing gear.  we have the nicest facility in Texas to train you and heavily invested in our school.   Ask about training discounts with purchase of gear and free shipping.   

Paragliding offers the Flag Ship Most Powerful PPG for single or tandem
electric start S4 formerly the famous Power Gold 130 from Fly Products of

As a 14 year instructor at US paragliding I still fly this unit.  Simonini engines are very reliable and full power is often never needed meaning you will not wear it out as fast as a small engine running full blast.  

Always contact our school for questions before
buying anything. 

Any bids or buy it now will be terminated without asking about
proper equipment for your use Zero bidders no need to bid.  I need to know
pilot weight and were you fly and what glider you might be using.  There
are various harness arrangements as well.  Always call before buying
flying gear.  We ship USA only, if we do not speak to you we cancel orders
for your safety and ours and due to 100% fraud from people who buy it now and
do not have any form of communication. Check out our training info on line
and feel free to call for questions on various gear.   


model S-4 Rider has the engine Simonini Mini 2. This engine is completely
changed by us. It’s very quiet and reliable. It has only the standard electric
start, its total weight with the harness is 26 kg.


See Options
below such as double cage or single for very little difference.  We recommend the 4.25 gallon tanks as its not
some thrown together after thought is a well made tried and proven single large
tank that delivers up to three hours flight time more than any other brand
outside our Propulse line.   Call us and
look us up on line visit our site search US paragliding, and Fly Green Eagle.  Call for questions and let us help you decide
how to customize your order such as prop type, Fuel tank size, single or double
cage, Low or hi hook in points.  We
recommend high for non experienced fee free to find us on you tube as well.  

Let us know
what size you are so we can make sure your harness fits.  For years until now many PPGs had a one size
fit all but we have four harnesses see chart below. 

 We will answer your questions on various
pieces of equipment.  Keep in mind this
is the flag ship of Fly products with a well know tried and proven Italian
engine. Come do training and enjoy free lodging at our school at Lake LBJ Texas
right outside Austin.  Ask about shipping
specials and discounts for students.  And
as always seek out good instruction.  210-724 five zero 86

Search fly
Green Eagle Ultimate Experience or US Paragliding.   You will find as you shop for other units
with this engine you will find we are the lowest in cost all around due to our
high volume and 10 years in business.   

 Bidding or set price is for standard S4 with
wooden prop and single hoop prop cage. Check on specials for free upgrades and
shipping sales.  Also this unit is
perfect for mounting on the Flash Trike and flying for one or two.  

Optional Flash Trike for the S 4

call for details.

Click to enlarge image r_s4_d_6.jpgClick to enlarge image r_s4_d_6.jpg

The characteristic of this trike
is its ease of assembly and disassembly and transportation on any vehicle. In
this simple trike you can apply any paramotor (Fly Products models are
definitely the easiest to place). The trike para consists of two beams of aluminum
square tube triangulated by a series of cables and a cradle bearing steel,
which acts as a support for the two harnesses that accommodate the driver and
passenger. The most salient features: ease of assembly and disassembly,
including the placement of PPG behind it, the `structure very low which gives
great stability in takeoff, during taxiing and landing phases, also with a
cross wind. Another novelty not to be underestimated are the saddles of the
trike built specially made for it very light and simple, easy to dismantle and
store in a small space.

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