Powered Paragliding Kiting Harness / PPG Ground Handling / Paramotor Training

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Powered Paragliding Kiting Harness / PPG Ground Handling / Paramotor Training

Powered Paragliding Kiting Harness / PPG Ground Handling / Paramotor Training Harness

(sold without carabineers)

  • Custom made in the us,  particularly made for paraglider kiting and Paramotor ground handling
  • Heavy duty harness created from top of the range materials
  • Fully adjustable to suit so much all size persons (heights from 4′ to six’5″ and weights from 100 to 350 lbs.
  • 3 hook in locations for carabineer attachment points (low, medium, and high carabineer hook in) 
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing and Nylon stitching
  • High Quality Load Rated quick liberate Buckles
  • Designed for maximum comfort and ease of use
  • Padded shoulder and leg straps to make for probably the most comfort when the usage of.
  • Carabineers now not included (Please purchase carabineers one at a time)

This kiting harness is an very important item for all PPG pilots.

These harnesses are manufactured to the easiest standards, superb quality materials and made to last. 

Designed with comfort in mind and allowing adjustability for all sizes of other folks. kitting. (Designed with height range from 4′ to six’5″ and weight range from 100 to 350 lbs.)

Kiting harness are made to lend a hand refine your paraglider handeling skills. They accomplish this by allowing simulated carabineer hook in location as your paramotor without the want to carry a heavy and bulky motor for your back.

A Ground handling harness can lend a hand to Keep your kiting or ground-handling skills sharp. This will likely lend a hand for private safety, and to forestall needless damage in your equipment.

Ground handling harness are made for at the ground handiest and don’t seem to be intended for flight.

Please are seeking out right kind instruction to have in mind right kind use and safety.

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