Powerfloat Aquatic Flotation System for Ultralight Aircraft, Paramotor, PPG

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Powerfloat Aquatic Flotation System for Ultralight Aircraft, Paramotor, PPG


Aquatic Flotation System for Ultralight Aircraft

For Powered Paragliding and Paramotoring

Flotation for Paramotors, Powered Paragliders, Cling Gliders, Ultra Lighting and Powered Parachutes

The Powerfloat is a bigger U formed lifestyles vest made to suit a PPG frame with more flotation designed solely for the powered paraglider & paramotor community. The Powerfloat U formed vest weighs approx 2 lbs.

Search Vimeo for Powerfloat to peer the installation of this nice software.

Please note: This listing is for the Powerfloat most effective, no Paramotor is included.

Co2 Cartridge is included. Provided with the UML Professional Sensor Inflator (approx 2 year replacement, 1 year if humid). 

Please note: All lifestyles vests must get replaced after 4 years, that is usual trade observe for self inflating vests because the reliability after that cannot be one hundred% guaranteed as a result of exposure to the weather and wear and tear. Powerfloat vests want complete replacement each 4 years. Due to the damp prerequisites from morning dew, humidity, clouds and rain all the way through transport we recommend that the sensors get replaced each 12 months for paramotor use.

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