Pre-Columbian Peruvian Moche Vessel Stirrup Spout Warrior Peru Ceramic Huaco

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A stunning 1970’s replica of a Peruvian Moche stirrup spout vessel.
Moche was once one of the vital lively cultures of ancient Peru.
These vessels are regularly found in elite Moche burials but they were also utilized by Moche all through life.
This vintage replica vessel is essentially the most populair vessel shape: the standard stirrup spout vessel.
So known as on account of it is resemblance to a stirrup.
This ceramic vessel depicts a kneeling warrior with helmet, holding a maize club and defend.
Handcrafted from clay, fired and hand painted with sun shades of brown, red and cream.
Vessel is in vintage condition, there are two maintenance; spout and spear has been broken. (picture 10 & 11)
Vessel is ca. 45 years old.
Measurements: 7,48″H x 4,33″W


         All the items we sell are old and feature been used.
 They will show more than a few signs of wear and tear through the years ( marks, cracks, dents, paint wear, pitting and the like.)

All this makes them distinctive and wonderful. Thanks for believe before shopping for.

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