Pre Columbian snuff tray Tiwanaku culture Bolivia AD 800-1000

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Pre Columbian wood snuff tray

Tiwanaku culture Bolivia

AD 800-1000

Very great snuff tray from Bolivia related to the Tiwanaku culture. Includes a recessed space for containing psychoactive snuff and a carved jaguar with inlayed stone or shell beads. Beads nonetheless retain virtually all in their pigment. The jaguar is adorned with incised zigzags and triangles down its facets and circles on its haunches. Two orange beads make up the eyes at the same time as three beads are inlayed within the heart of the back of the jaguar, two orange one blue. There also are two incised strains running around all of the fringe of the tray. Expertly carved from a single piece of picket. Intact and not using a maintenance. Period 5 1/8″ (13cm). Width 1 6/8″ (four.5cm).

Check my different listings. I’ve amassed a big number of Pre Columbian art through the years and downsizing is very important as a result of an upcoming move.


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