Rainbow Six Siege wall decoration 20 original operators on 10 floating prints

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This listing is for 10 prints (8 1/4″ x 10 1/2″ Each and every) of the original 20 operators from the Rainbow Six Siege first-person shooter (FPS) video game. Each and every print has two operators from the similar Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), so two pictures per print and two prints per CTU. Each and every print has either the two defenders or the two attackers from the CTU.

The picture might be attached to a poster board cut just smaller than the picture itself, which creates the illusion of the print “floating” off the wall (view the third picture to see the concept that).
Because I have had issues with shipping the picture and the board already stuck together, I’m going to be shipping them one after the other in the similar package. That way the pictures are better secure. If I ship them already attached, the pictures stick over the side of the poster board and they may be able to easily get bent right through shipping. I send very clear instructions on learn how to attach them, and it is vitally easy. So you can receive 10 pictures and 10 appropriately-sized poster boards, with the right kind double-sided tape attached. The one thing you wish to have to do, is to take away the backing at the tape and put it together.
When you order, please let me know right away if you need glossy or matte prints. The pictures shown are from my wall and the prints are matt. I can’t change it once I began printing, so please make sure that to make a choice what you need before finalizing. If I don’t hear anything from you about the finish, it will be matte, as within the pictures.
If you need me to print a different configuration, or perhaps a different picture or view, please let me know and we will be able to work out a price. All transactions still to go through EBay in your and my protection.

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