Reefing Art Ceramic Bio Filter media Vast Surface For aquarium sump Canister

Reefing Art Ceramic Bio Filter media Vast Surface For aquarium sump Canister

From Reefing Art Team:

Our media uses 100% aquarium safe Non-metallic ceramic, will not leach aluminum or any heavy metal.

Bio filtration does not build overnight. Please allow 7~21 days for
beneficial bacteria to build and establish. Customer may use bacteria booster
products to expedite the process. (Note: fresh and saltwater have different
bacteria type, please choose the correct bacteria booster for your aquarium)

We try our best to ensure the product arrives to you safely.  Damage may still occur due to mishandling. Minor
chip or crack will not affect the effectiveness of the media. If the media
arrives to you with significant damage, please contact our Reefing Art Customer
Support Team.


  • For freshwater, pond and saltwater use
  • Designed for ammonia & nitrite removal
  • Improve overall water quality & clarity
  • Vast surface area / porous internal structure results
    in superior efficiency
  • Can be cleaned, reused and sterilized


  • Each media measures: 4″ x 1-1/8 ” x 1-1/8
     / 24pcs per box
  • half gallon / 1.9lbs 
    per box
  • 360 ft  surface
    area per media. 8640 ft per box


  • Initial rinse of media
    with water to remove surface particulate created during shipping.
    If tap water is used, perform second rinse with tank water to remove
  • Locate media in filter,
    sump, under gravel bed. Locating within the flow of the water will give
    the most efficient results.
  • NOTE: the product is
    easily shaped using a hand saw or coarse sand paper. Make sure to rinse
    particulate before placing in tank. 
    Wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in particulate.
  • Mechanical filtration
    of water, such as with matting, filter sock is recommended prior to water
    entering Reefing Art Media.
  • Periodic backwashing
    or rinsing using tank water suggested every 3 months or whenever waste
    build up.

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