Reserve Parachute Quantum 440 Paraglider Paragliding 2Pair Risers “Split Risers”

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Q: What would be the absolute best possible reserve parachute for a “big-boy” paraglider pilot or PPG pilot to have?

A: A High Energy Sports Quantum 440 with paragliding risers. No need to modify it! It is the world’s best reserve parachute, with lines & risers specially engineered for the needs of a pilot in a paraglider harness. In fewer words, it’s ideal.

Engineered and built by Bill Gargano and Betty Pfeiffer at High Energy Sports.

The Paraglider Version of the Quantum Parachute has shorter lines that connect directly to ‘V-risers’ aka ‘split risers’ which then link directly to the shoulders of your paragliding harness. The Quantum 440 for PG has 22 spectra lines. This means that 11 lines go to each side of the riser set (total: 22 lines, 11 to each shoulder). The centerline also has a ‘y’-shaped split so that the apex is evenly pulled down by the right and left riser sets.

This arrangement allows the PG pilot to be attached to the parachute in the same way that a skydiver would descend under such a parachute…with the focal point(s) of the lines being at the pilot’s right and left shoulders.

In contrast, a ‘typical’ reserve parachute for paragliding has a bridle of about 4 feet with a loop at the end. This 4 foot bridle is linked to a “y-bridle,” common in paragliding, which then connects to the two shoulders of the PG harness. This arrangement, while quite common in the PG world, is not controllable or steerable because there is a ‘constriction’ to a single bridle between the pilot and the canopy…which is less than ideal.



“Brand New”

This extra-large Quantum 440 emergency reserve parachute with split risers  is brand new, clean, and 100% undamaged. This parachute was built to the most up-to-date contemporary standards of materials and workmanship, with V-tab construction, Spectra lines, and two V-shaped Type 18 Nylon paragliding bridle sets (or riser sets). The bridle/riser set is 100% clean and it is 100% undamaged. The deployment bag is 100% clean and it is 100% undamaged.

The Quantum has a unique Round Airfoil design which is superior to PDA and even Annular parachute designs, for a lightning-fast opening-time and the absolutely slowest descent rate possible.

The large Quantum 440 is intended to provide a sensible & safe rate of descent with a Total Gross Payload of up to 440 pounds (in a paragliding or PPG application, that would be up to ~340 pounds for the pilot and a generous 100-pound allowance for the paraglider, PPG, trike, harness, boots, etc.).

The Quantum parachute is so good, the US Special Forces (USSF) jump an almost-identical version of this parachute in special ops…and the US Forest Service (USFS) Smoke Jumpers jump another almost-identical version of this parachute into forest-fire fighting operations. All versions of the Quantum are designed by Bill Gargano and manufactured to the same exacting standards. Why? Simply put: The Quantum is the best round parachute in the world. Period.

Manufactured by High Energy Sports (HES), this parachute with split risers and modern PG deployment bag sells for $824.00 new today.

Read High Energy’s web page on the Quantum at:

NOTE: HES has been manufacturing the split-riser PG version of the Quantum parachute for the PG market for many years. Unfortunately, there is no specific info on the HES website about the split-riser PG version.

The parachute for sale here comes complete with:

  • rapid-opening deployment bag, with an integrated attachment point for the deployment handle that comes with your PG harness.
  • single-purpose paragliding split-risers…contact me with questions.

This reserve parachute is ready to be properly installed into the parachute container that’s built into your paragliding harness…or, you can add a separate external parachute container (not included) and use this parachute with just about any other harness.

It’s often been said that reserve parachutes are good for twenty to thirty years if well cared for. Keep your parachute clean and dry, store it where it won’t be exposed to high humidity or extreme heat, and inspect & re-pack it every 6 to 12 months.

Note: Hang Gliding and Paragliding are forms of aviation which are considered hazardous sports with inherent risks. You must have proper instruction from a qualified instructor before undertaking any aspect of Hang Gliding or Paragliding. Fly cautiously, because you are safer if you don’t get into an emergency than you are if you need your reserve parachute to get out of one. No reserve parachute is 100% reliable, and no one should intentionally ride one down except to escape from an actual emergency. Seller accepts no responsibility or liability for the purchase and or subsequent use (or misuse) of this item, or any subsequent consequences, including property damage, injury or death. No warranties are implied or extended. By bidding on this auction you are agreeing with the above statement and you are agreeing to hold the seller harmless.  If you need to find an instructor, feel free to ask seller about instruction in your area or consult .

Safety Policy and
Return/Restocking/Repacking Fee:
It is the policy of this
professional facility to perform a fresh repack & inspection (value: $50)
just prior to shipping out a parachute. If you return this parachute for any
reason, even if you never even opened the package, you will be charged a
restocking fee to cover the cost of inspecting & repacking the parachute
return/restocking/repacking fee will be either 10% of the purchase price, or
$50, whichever is greater.


Why is this our policy? Put yourself
in the position of the next buyer. How would you feel if you purchased a
parachute like this, and we shipped you one which had been repacked ‘recently,’
then shipped to some stranger who you don’t know, then returned by that
stranger to us, and then not inspected/repacked again? Wouldn’t you insist that
we give the parachute another inspection (which then requires repacking) before
shipping it to you? If you purchase this item, you agree to abide by this very
reasonable return policy, given that it is a life-saving emergency parachute
We want every buyer to be
100% confident in the integrity of every emergency parachute that they receive
from us, with no exceptions.

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